How to get and upgrade the Science Journal in MW3 Zombies

The Reloaded Season 3 update brought a new Dark Sether Rift for players to explore in Call of Duty's Modern Warfare Zombies (MWZ). But first, players will have to unlock it by finding and upgrading various items. One of these is the Science Journal and in this guide, we will explain how to unlock it.

How to get the Scientific Journal in MWZ

The Scientific Journal is found as a reward for killing 50 Zombies in the Aether Storm on the map. You won't need to kill the Stormcaller inside the Aether Storm to get the reward. This Aether Storm appears in every session and can be found as a purple circle on the map.

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Zombies inside the Aether Storm are more powerful, for example, if it is in the Tier 1 zone, then you will face Tier 2 Zombies. I highly recommend carrying a Sentry Gun as well as Pack-A-Punching level 2 weapons when entering the storm. As always, a gas mask is essential. After taking out 50 or more zombies, you will notice a reward slot will appear and you will receive the Science Journal as a reward.

There have been instances where the Science Journal may not appear even after killing more than 50 zombies. In this case, re-enter the storm and kill 50 zombies again, or reload into a new session and repeat the process.

How to update the Science Journal in MW3 Zombies

mw3 dark ether rift triangle location
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The next step is to update the Science Journal, which you can do by going to the E4 coordinates of the map. You will find a pink/purple triangle there on the ground.

mw3 dark aether rift triangle
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Next, you'll need to shoot three runes on the side of the building near you. These are really easy to spot because they are right near the three sides of the triangle and glow a similar pink purple color.

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Next, stand on the archway on the coordinates F4, a few hundred meters away from the triangle on the ground, and you will be able to start Summoning. Many Zombies will appear and finally a powerful Hellhound.

mw3 f4 archway place
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Defeating the Hellhound will reward you with the updated Gold Science Journal. This can then be used to unlock the Dark Aether Rift.

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