How to get and use Fireband in Fortnite (Avatar Elements event)

Avatar action has come to Fortnite, bringing element-bending abilities. My personal favorite is the Firebending Technique, so I did my best to learn how to get a Mythical Firebending Scroll and use its powers to the best of my ability.

Where to find Firebending Scroll in Fortnite (Avatar event)

The fastest way to find Firebending Scrolls is locate a Fire Shrine with a Bending Scroll Container or just pick it up off the ground (if someone left it). To locate the shrine, look for the red beacon while airborne and slide in that direction. If you're lucky enough, you'll be the first to get it. Don't rush to pull out your glider until you see where you want to go. I took two Mythic Fireband Scrolls easily and managed to use them on the first target I saw.

The best way to use Firending Technique in Fornite Chapter 5 Season 2

The Firebanding Technique is very useful as it can burn enemies to a crisp from close and mid range. Don't be afraid to use it, because Avatar Mystics don't disappear from the inventory, but they do have a cooldown. The reload time didn't bother me as I had two scrolls, giving me plenty of firepower. You can use fire tape in two ways, as listed below.

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  • Shoot fire (mid range) – Creates flames that launch arcs of fire towards enemies
  • Fire kick (close range) – Strike down from above in a fiery blast. This is perfect for close encounters as it deals area-of-effect damage. It's safe to say that this is my favorite way to use Mythic Firebending Scrolls.

Don't expect enemies to die from the first hit, so move constantly and try to get close to them so you can use the fire kick attack. I found this strategy very effective, especially in the early stages of the match, where not many players have lethal long-range weapons.

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