How to get and use Spirit Box in Type Soul

Spirit Boxes are exclusive loot boxes available to Quincies in Type Soul. So, if you're a Quincy and wondering how to get these loot boxes in Type Soul, here's a complete guide on the whole process.

How to get Spirit Box in Soul Type

One strategic way to get Spirit Boxes is through raids in Karakura Town. On the server, every hour, engage in KT raids such as Capture the Flag, King of the Hill or Team Deathmatch. The game mode will be random, so you will have to play whatever the game chooses. Keep an eye on the server notifications for updates on the next raid time and location.

You'll need three other Quincy players to start the raid, so joining the Type Soul Discord channel is the best way to quickly find other Quincy to play with. Find friends or participate with random players and complete the raid successfully to get the Spirit Box as a drop reward, similar to the Soul Hogyoku Fragments.

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If you need to be luckier to get a Spirit Box as a drop reward, don't worry. You can always try your luck at the KT Raid Shop. Remember, you have to win the raid to access the shop. After achieving victory, go to the black-colored house near the lake and approach a white-haired female NPC. Use the image above for a pictorial reference of the area. pay 80,000 Kan (in-game currency) to get Spirit Box.

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How to use Spirit Box in Soul Type

There are no special requirements to use a Spirit Box. Click on it to open the box and claim your reward for your efforts. They usually contain a random weapon for Quincy. Here is a list of the most commonly obtained Quincy weapons through the Spirit Box in Type Soul.

  • Carer
  • claws
  • Knife
  • Antithesis

So, keep playing raids and collect Spirit Chests to earn an advanced Quincy weapon for your avatar. Also, if you're wondering what Spirit Box's Hollow equivalent is in Soul Type, it's none other than the Hollow Box, which also requires you to finish KT attacks while being Hollow.

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