How to get and use Wood Texture Shard in Wuthering Waves

While going through your Backpack, you may have noticed that you have collected a good number of Wood texture Shards. They look like worthless wooden splinters, but can actually be used to buy amazing items to help you on your journey. Here’s how to spend Wood Texture Shards, and how to get more when you run out.

How to get Wood texture Shard in Wuthering Waves

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Wood texture Shards can be obtained by opening Supply Chests and Tidal Heirlooms throughout Huanglong. The number of Shards you get is proportional to the rarity of the Chest.

Tidal Legacy is a slot that acts as a Supply Chest with a different design. It can only be unlocked by defeating the surrounding enemies. There are two types of Tidal Legacies: green and purple. Only the green ones (pictured above) reward you with Wood texture Breaches.

chest reward
Basic Supply Chest x1 Wood Texture Shard
Standard Supply Box x2 Wood Texture Shard
Advanced Supply Chest x3 Wood Texture Shard
Premium Supply Box x5 Wood Texture Shard
Tidal Heritage (Green) x2 Wood Texture Shard

How to use Wood texture Shard in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves souvenir shop location
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Wood texture Shards act as consumable currency that you can spend in the Gift Shop in Jinzhou. Go to the area marked with a gift icon on the Jinzhou map, then talk to Ganxue to look through her goods.

A selection of Wuthering Waves souvenir shops
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You can buy various useful items from the Souvenir Shop. While the Chandelier Tides are tempting, I suggest prioritizing the recipes as they cannot be obtained anywhere else. There’s no rush to spend your Wood texture Shards—you can keep them and buy items you need.

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