How to get comics fast to unlock the RV in A Dusty Trip

A Dusty Trip is a challenging game where getting newer vehicles is no easy task, but that is not the case for the RV. In this guide, we will explore how to get all the comics quickly to get you the RV in Roblox A Dusty Trip.

How to get the RV in Roblox A Dusty Trip

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To get the RV, you must first talk to Nerdy Nathanwho will ask you to bring him 25 Cartoons, and in return, he will reward you with the RV. You can find Nerdy Nathan standing on the right side of the RV in the lobby where you start the game. When you locate him, you must first talk to him and then go outside to look for the comics.

Where to find Comic Books in Dusty Trip

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You can find comic books inside garages, buildings, towers and some other structures during your travels. There are no fixed places where you have to go and find comics, because they randomly appear in different places when you are on a trip. This also means you won’t get all the comics in one go and will have to go through a few runs before you can get 25 of them.

How to get Comics fast in A Dusty Trip

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Getting 25 comics one by one in each run can be a pain, but there is an easy way around that where you can get. 4 comics at once. To do this, you must empty your reserve in the lobby, then start your run and store cartoons in the bag how do you find them Once the bag is full, you can go back and send the comics to Nerdy Nathan to start another run to get more comics.

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