How to get Compound X in Arachnitopia in Kill It With Fire 2

The mechanics of collecting Compound X suddenly changed in the game, which I love, but it confused me a bit there. If this happened to you too, check out how to get Compound X in Arachnitopia in Kill It With Fire 2 below.

Where to find Compound X in Arachnitopia level of Kill It With Fire 2

I enjoyed the many different mechanics of the game that you have to use to complete a level. However, sometimes, this change can stump you, which happened to me at this level. Here's how to find Compound X in the Arachnitopia level of Kill It With Fire 2.

Unlike the chests and cupboards (and even a washing machine) that store Compound X in the rest of the game, in Arachnitopia, you will be find it in buildings. You can recognize them by their pink color. However, as you will notice, they are blocked by a blue force field until you complete many different objectives. Here is a list of all that you need to complete to unlock the buildings.

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Objective Name Objective Like
Headhunter – Collect 30 spider hats and other accessories. – Dead spiders drop hats and accessories.
Automatic Destruction – Destroy 50 cars across Arachnitopia. – Hairspray or throwing the cars into buildings.
Connoisseur – Sample 13 of Arachnitopia's finest cuisine. – Large food found above entrances to buildings.
Bloc Party – Destroy 50 cars across Arachnitopia. – Just press the interactive button.
Off with the Old Man – The easiest way to drown spiders is to vacuum them and then blow them out back into the sea. – Destroy them by throwing cars and traffic lights into them.
Steps of Glory – Defeat 5 tanks with the RC tank. – You can enter a toy tank that you will find on the street. Once you are out of it, it will be in your inventory.
Air and Sea – Destroy 10 balloons and boats around Arachnitopia. – Shoot them with your Sniper Rifle.
Briny Deeply – Drowning spiders. – The easiest way to drown spiders is to vacuum them and then blow them back into the sea.
False Advertising – Burn billboards all over Arachnitopia. – Ignite them with hairspray or a flamethrower. They can be on buildings as well as on the sides of the roads.
A meltdown – Drop barrels of radioactive waste into the nuclear reactor. – You will find barrels around the reactor. Jump a little and aim to enter the barrels.

Once you accomplish a goal, you can go back to the building that gave it to you and unlock it. However, you won't get Compound X right away. At first, I thought something was wrong, so I turned off the game and turned it back on. However, there is nothing wrong; you just have to make a little more effort.

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To get Compound X in Arachnitopia, you have to destroy the building. You can do this by throwing a car or street lamp into it. You'll have to really destroy it, because the Compound is right in the middle. Once you reveal it, just take it as normal, and you should be good to go.

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