How to get Formless Fighting Style in Soul Type

If you’re a Soulreaper, we have great news for you—your melee attacks can be far more powerful than Hakuda weapons. This is possible if you use combat styles, such as Shapeless. Here’s how to get Formless fighting style in Type Soul.

How to use Formless Fighting Style in Type Soul

You have to first find the Formless Style Handbook use the Formless style in Type Soul. The only confirmed way to get this item is through Clan Wars. To start a Clan War in Type Soul, you must be part of the clan and, if possible, a clan leader (only leaders can start wars). When you’re ready to fight, navigate to the Clan Wars option under the Special Section in the main menu. Alternatively, you can trade in Type Soul to get the Formless Style Manual faster.

How to activate Formless Fighting Style in Type Soul

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To use the Formless Style Manual and activate the Formless fighting style, you need to invest 50 points in Hakuda. Here’s a step-by-step guide to activating Formless fighting in Type Soul.

  1. Assign 50 Points to Hakuda.
  2. Place the Formless Style Manual in your inventory.
  3. Activate the Manual pressing the J a button to activate it.
  4. You will adopt the Formless fighting style. You will notice that your attitude has changed, which means you are ready to fight!

How to use Formless Fighting Style crits in Type Soul

The Formless fighting style has three different special melee moves (crits). Which will be activated depending on your movement (stand still, move forward or backward). Feel free to move often and use different attacks, as each crit has its own cooldown. Below is a list of Formless attacks depending on your movement.

  • Standing Crit has animation coming straight out of the Matrix movie, allowing you to avoid blocking.
  • Forward + Criticism = To catch
  • Back + Criticism = Punch with great range.

To make your attacks unpredictable, the attacks are random and include M1s: Cang, Dragon, Hakuda Bankai and Grimmjow Claw. As a cherry on top, every M1 attack has a status effect. For example, the Grimmjow attack will cause a bleed effect.

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