How to get free Hype Eggs in Pet Simulator 99 Update 8

Each new update of Pet Sim 99 offers new content and many rewards. One of the most valuable gifts is a Hype egg that developers give to everyone! Now you are probably wondering how to get free Hype Eggs in Pet Simulator 99.

How do I get my free Hype Eggs in Pet Sim 99 Update 8

To get free Hype Eggs in Pet Sim 99, you need to play the game as fast as possible because only the fastest players will get the prize. Here's how to claim Hype Eggs for free and a chance TITANIC Party Cat and BIG Party Dragon.. How many Eggs you will get depends on your rank.

1. Login after Pet Sim Update 8 – The most important part of getting eggs is to be in the game at the right time. At the time of writing, you only had a 10-minute window to participate and have a chance at a fantastic: Hypo Eggs). If you're too late, you'll have to find other ways to get Hype Eggs.

2. Play the game for 45 minutes—If you started playing the game within 10 minutes of launch, you have a chance to redeem a Hype Egg reward.

3. Get Hype Eggs – You will receive your eggs automatically. The number of eggs you get depends on your rank. But if you don't get your eggs, it might be too late.

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Where is my free Free Hype Egg in Pet Simulator 99

If you can't find your Hype Egg, it might be time to cut your losses and focus on the things you can still control. Developers may decide to introduce other ways to get, but at the time of writing, you will get Free Hype without you.

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