How to Get Methane and Nitrogen Cartridges in The Planet Crafter

Methane and Nitrogen Cartridges are valuable, but not easy to obtain resources in The Planet Craftsman, with many important roles. Here is a guide on how to get Methane and Nitrogen Cartridges in The Planet Crafter.

How to farm Methane and Nitrogen Cartridges in The Planet Crafter

To farm Methane and Nitrogen Cartridges in The Planet Crafter, you need to build Gas Extractors which effectively balance gas production, usually giving three Methane units for every one Oxygen. This ratio is crucial for planning resource allocation and recycling, especially considering that Oxygen can be converted into cobalt with a Recycling Machine.

The blueprint for the Gas Extractor becomes available at 100 mPa. Place this extractor on regular terrain (not on rocks or buildings) to start harvesting gases. Here is the recipe for building a T1 Gas Extractor in the game:

Image via Timien YouTube
  • 3 super alloys
  • 2 zeolite
  • 1 iridium rod

. Beyond providing minimal heat, its main function is to collect Methane and Oxygen.

In The Planet Crafter, progressing through terraforming stages unlocks new materials such as Methane and Nitrogen Cartridges, which are important for various advanced processes. At first, it didn't occur to me how to get them, because the way is not as simple as I used to.

What is Methane used for in The Planet Crafter?

In The Planet Crafter, Methane is a key ingredient in the Biolab to create essential items such as Fertilizer T2, Mutagen and Pulsar Quartz. While Fertilizer T2 enriches Tree Spreaders, Mutagen is indispensable for generating various tree seeds and insect larvae. Pulsar Quartz, although unlocked at a later stage (175 GTi), relies exclusively on Methane for production. Given the significant role of Methane in later terraforming phases, ensuring a stable supply is crucial.

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Getting Nitrogen Cartridges in The Planet Crafter

Once you reach Breathable Atmosphere status, the Gas Extractor becomes your source for Nitrogen. Early versions of the Gas Extractor may produce Nitrogen sporadically, but upgrading to Gas Extractor T2 allows for the selection of Nitrogen extraction specifically. This update streamlines the production process, making it more predictable and efficient. Here is a recipe for the T2 Gas Extractor:

Gas extractor T2 recipe in The Planet Crafter
Image via Timien YouTube
  • 2 Superalloy
  • 1 Circuit Board
  • 2 Zeolite
  • 1 Iridium Rod

Although it requires more resources to build, its yield of Nitrogen, which is significantly more difficult to obtain, makes it valuable. I recommend switching to building T2 Gas Extractors as soon as you get the chance. Here are some practical tips for gas extraction that I wish I had when I was just starting out:

  • To maximize efficiency, place multiple Gas Lifters across different locations.
  • Regularly monitor and empty the Gas Extractor's container slots to maintain consistent production.
  • Consider upgrading to Gas Extractor T2 as soon as possible for targeted Nitrogen extraction.
  • Use drones for automatic resource collection, especially when managing multiple extractors.

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