How to get the Retro Glove in Slap Battles

To slap your way to unlocking a Retro Glove, you’ll need some friends and a lot of skill. That’s a perfect combination if you’re up for a challenge and aren’t afraid of obstacles. Here’s how to get a Retro Glove in Slap Battles.

How to unlock Retro Glove in Slap Battles – Roblox

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The best way to unlock Retro Glove is to find two friends with Glitch and Error gloves, while you must have Recall Glove equipped. Follow the step by step instructions below to get Retro Glove in Slap Battles.

  1. Equip Recall Glove.
  2. Find a player with an Error Glove and another with a Glitch Glove.
  3. Go to the private server so they can slap you without other players attacking.
  4. Get Glitch users to catch you using a trojan skill.
  5. Use Recall ability while trapped.
  6. When you get out, it’s time for the Glitch user to slap you.
  7. You will be teleported to obby.
  8. A complete three stage obby (easier said than done).
  9. At the end of obby, there is a big risky jump. But if you are playing with more skilled players, ask one to open a yellow bridge by pressing the button near the portal.
  10. Once you complete obbies, you’ll get a “Parkour Pwner” badge, which unlocks a Retro Glove.
  11. Go to the glove aisle to pick up a Retro Glove

Slap Battles Retro Glove Stats and Abilities

Retro Glove is not only one of the best gloves in Slap Battles but also a very fun item to play. The main selling point is the retro skills you can use (in addition to the whole unlocking process). Below, you’ll find the Retro Glove’s list of stats and abilities.

Retro Glove Stats

  • Power: 48
  • Speed: 10
  • Skills (double jump to switch between them): Rocket Launcher, Ban Hammer, and Bomb

Retro Glove Skills

  • Ban Hammer – knocks back anyone hit by the hammer.
  • Bomb – a bomb explodes near you, knocking back anyone near the explosion.
  • Rocket Launcher – launches a long-range cheek rocket at an enemy.

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