How to get Thirst Quenchers badge in Roblox The Classic

Like other secret quests in the Roblox Classic Event, there are no clues on how to get the Thirst Quenchers badge. So, if you are wondering how to get this badge in Roblox The Classic, don’t worry. Here is a complete guide explaining the process.

How to complete the Thirst Quenchers in Roblox The Classic

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For those who are wondering, the search for Thirst Quenchers in Roblox The Classic is easy. All you need to do is buy a drink from one of the Vending Machines scattered around the map and give it to the helper bot. But how do you buy? Simple. Just buy the Drink a Coin pass from the Exclusive Hub Items for 4 Tix. You can complete simple quests within the Classic Event or other participating game experiences to get the 4 Tix.

The Vending Machine in Roblox The Classic Event
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After you have bought the tip from the hub, the next step is to find a Vending Machine. The most popular is the Vending Machine, which is right behind your spawn point. Go to the machine and spend the Tip Coin to buy the following drinks on the menu.

  • Bloxblade
  • Bloxy Coke
  • Chocolate milk
  • Witch Brew

Remember, you can only buy one drink from the menu. So choose anything you like that suits your personality.

Where is the Helper Bot in the Roblox Classic Event?

The Helperbot in Roblox The Classic
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After purchasing the drink, the next step is to offer it to the Helper Bot. You can find the Helperbot wandering near the central part of the map where you can see the giant yellow duck. He is a metal robot and speaks in a cryptic language. Approach him and offer him the drink. Once he accepts and drinks it, you will complete the Thirst Quenchers quest and receive the associated badge.

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