How to open collections and view accolades in Fortnite Season 3

Each new Fortnite season features Jumpstart bonus quests that help fill out the first few pages of the new battle pass. While most of these can be beaten by simply playing the game, this particular one requires you to dig through some menus. We’ve got you covered below.

How to complete Open Collections and see the Rewards challenge in Fortnite Season 3

After you’ve finished installing the pretty hefty Fortnite Season 3 update, you’ll notice that in this season’s Jumpstart bonus quests, there’s a challenge that requires you to complete one (seemingly simple) task to earn a whopping 15K XP. This challenge saddles you with the following goal: Open a Collection and see Awards.

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Sounds simple enough, right? Well, you might feel pretty silly jumping around different menus – not being able to find your Praises.

How to find the Rewards menu in Fortnite Season 3

The Collections button in the Quests menu in Fortnite Season 3
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To find the Praises menu in Fortnite Season 3, just stay in the Quests menu where you first look at this challenge. Next, navigate to the purple Collections button at the top of the left sidebar (you may need to scroll up a bit for this).

The Rewards tab in Fortnite Season 3
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Once you hit the Collections button, it will first show you the Map of the game. Ignore this screen as this is not exactly what you are looking for. Neither is the next tab called Characters. What you need to do here is navigate to the last tab far right, aptly titled Praises. Now you’ll find that the Open Collection and View Rewards challenge will end once you’ve opened this menu, earning you a tasty 15K XP in the process.

It’s also worth checking out the Accolades menu if you’re curious about what it holds. You can basically think of it as the in-game of Fortnite achievements system I encourage you to look around a bit and see what Awards you can easily hit while simply enjoying a casual game of Fortnite – or even just standing around AFK in game while collecting some of these achievements.

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