How to quickly raise your Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero

Your Inter-Knot level is your Zenless Zone Zero level. It is the same as your Adventure Rank in Genshin Impact or your Trailblaze Level in Honkai Star Rail. Increasing your Inter-Node Level in Zenless Zone Zero allows you to access more bonuses in the game and receive items. Learn how to level up fast here!

Ways to quickly raise your Inter-Knot Level in Zenless Zone Zero

There are several ways to increase your Inter-node Level in Zenless Zone Zero. First, you need to understand that you need to earn Inter-Knot Points to raise your Inter-Knot Level. These points can be earned through various parts of the game, including:

  • Narrative Commissions
  • Research committees
  • Battle Commissions
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All three of these commissions are accessible via the HDD in the Random Play store that your Proxy shares with their sibling. You can get commissions by checking the Inter-Knot server, talking to various characters, or organically through gameplay. There are also Daily and Weekly tasks (called “Commissions”), but you can’t access those until you complete them. the “Explosive Last Train” commission.

You can see how much Inter-Knot Credit you will receive from a commission by checking the details on the HDD, or by looking at the commission request after you receive it (there will be a pop-up on your screen showing the commission. name and its rewards).

Other ways to get Inter-Knot Credit are by completing battles and completing HIA Career Club challenges.

The achievements to raise your Inter-Knot Level in Zenless Zone Zero.
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As you gain more Inter-Knot Credit and raise your Inter-Knot Level, you’ll earn some extra rewards from the associated achievements.

The fastest way to increase your Inter-Knot Level in Zenless Zone Zero

The rewards for the logistics disaster commission in Zenless Zone Zero.
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The fastest way to increase your Inter-Knot Level is by completing the challenges that reward you with 400 Inter-Knot Credit points. These challenges are:

  • HIA Club – Champion Arena – Notorious Dullahan
  • Scott Outpost – Infamous Hunt – Unknown Corruption Complex

Remember to use the Cafe get more Battery Charge so you can do the challenges multiple times – because they cost Battery Charge to attempt.

Another way is to find the commissions that give 500 Inter-Knot Credit points. Most first-time clear rewards will be 200 to 500 Inter-Knot Credits, so just make sure you complete all your commissions.

Why raise your Inter-node Level

The list to complete the level 2 requirements in Zenless Zone Zero.
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As well as the related achievements that give you Polychrome which you can use to increase your Master Band to draw from banners, raising your Inter-Knot Level has other benefits.

As you increase your Inter-Knot level, the level cap for your Agents will be raised as well. You need to be a higher Inter-Node Level to be able to continue leveling up your companions, and this is very important if you want to continue to be successful when completing challenges and battles.

Players who raise their Inter-Knot Level will also gain access to more of the main story content and commissions that are tied to your progress in the story.

You also won’t be blocked by things like Zenless Zone Zero challenges and reward codes. That’s right – some of the reward codes are level-locked and require you to be at least Inter-Knot Level 5 before you can redeem them.

You can find the requirements to rank your Inter-Knot Level to unlock these parts of the game by clicking on your level in the top left corner of your screen when you are in the main menu (where your Proxy rests).

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