How to remove ‘Currently on a Secret Research mission’ and play multiplayer in Wuthering Waves

While playing the Wuthering Waves Side Quest called Undercover Investigation, you may encounter an error that prevents you from entering co-op mode. I will explain why this happens and if there is anything you can do about it.

How to solve “Currently on a Secret Research mission” error in Wuthering Waves

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The Secret Research Side Quest requires you to transform into an Exile and infiltrate their camp. Each time you fail, your disguise will be removed, and you’ll be prompted to wait until the next in-game day at 9:00 PM to try again. As a result, the game is forced to keep transforming your character into an Exile every time you approach the Quest area at 21:00 until you finally complete the objective.

This quirk causes your world to get stuck in a loop, causing some features, such as multiplayer / co-op mode, to be unavailable. Unfortunately, Wuthering Waves doesn’t send players a warning about unlocking co-op in certain Quests – an issue that also plagued the early days of Genshin Impact. There’s also no way to pause the Quest, then the only way to break free from the loop is to complete the Secret Survey Side Quest.

How to complete the Secret Research Sidequest in Wuthering Waves

The first part of the Secret Research Quest is simple, and you will have no trouble completing it. However, it gets a bit difficult once you enter the Exile Camp, so follow the steps below to complete each objective.

Q&A with Qianshan

Wuthering Waves dialogues with Qianshan
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In the Q&A section with Qianshan, you have to answer three questions based on the trivia you will be prompted to read. There are no consequences for choosing wrong answers, so don’t worry about this segment. Regardless, the correct answers are as follows:

  1. Question: What did Qiao Sheng and Qiao Yang’s mother do for a living?
  2. Question: What was the reason for the injury on Qiao Sheng’s right leg?
    • Answer: Attempted theft.
  3. Question: When Kuixiao, a friend of Qiao Sheng at the camp like to do?
    • Answer: Study of technologies.

Infiltrate the Exile Camp

In this segment, simply follow the quest navigator to the highlighted area on the map that indicates the location of the Exile Camp in Deerslumber Lake. You must then change the play-in time to 21:00 the next day to accomplish the goal.

If clicking on the clock in the Terminal results in an error, it may be because you are engaged in combat or caused by another bug. In my experience, re-registration solves the problem.

Explore the Exiles Camp

Wuthering Waves circle indicating an eye in a polling station
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The goal is to complete the objectives while avoiding the gazes of the dogs. Once the dogs spot and smell you, it will trigger a game, and you will have to start the sequence of events from the beginning. You can determine that they are getting close when an eye icon appears on the screen. If the eye is black, it means you are a safe distance away from the dogs. It turns red once they spot you, so watch out!

Wuthering Waves exile before elevator
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After talking to the unhelpful Exile, follow the navigator to reach Kuixiao’s location, while being careful to avoid the dogs’ stares. You must call the elevator by interacting with the vertical terminal next to it, pictured above. Once the elevator arrives, interact with it to reach a higher floor, then follow the path up to talk to Kuixiao.

After Kuixiao leaves, interact with the glowing blue dot to trigger a Terminal message. Then go back down the elevator.

Wuthering Waves marching to exiles
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As soon as you get off the elevator, talk to the Exiles up ahead to get them out of the way. There are no dogs in the immediate vicinity, so you don’t have to be careful.

Wuthering Waves exile next to mechanism
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The next segment requires you to be extremely careful. If you get caught at this point, you will have to start the sequence over.

As soon as you finish talking to the Exiles, follow the purple navigator and go straight ahead. You will be directed to the vertical mechanism pictured above, which you must interact with to destroy. The moment it is destroyed, you must leave so the Exile Leader doesn’t see you.

Wuthering Waves circle showing the location of an exile leader
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The second the tower is destroyed, the Exile Leader will head in your direction, so immediately run to the left. Be careful as other Exiles on the left might spot you, so find a middle ground as it would be harmful to get caught at this point.

Wuthering Waves arrow indicating destination
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As soon as you are in the safe middle, wait until the Exile Leader faces the broken tower, then immediately runs into the tent. This strategy allows you to infiltrate her headquarters without getting caught. Once inside the tent, act quickly – investigate the chair to complete the objective.

Coming out of the tent, the Exiles will grab you, triggering a dialogue and battle. Defeat several waves of Exiles to complete the objective, then return to Qianshan to turn in the Quest Results. You can finally play multiplayer modes again!

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