How to search for containers at Wasteland Landmarks in Fortnite (Map Location)

Fortnite’s latest Chapter 5 Season 3 update brings with it a host of new quests and locations to explore. The Welcome to the Wasteland quest tasks you with opening 10 containers at Wasteland Landmark locations, and this guide will show you where to find them.

How to complete quest boxes at Wasteland Landmarks quest in Fortnite

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If you start in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3, then you will have to go through the Welcome to the Wasteland search series A key part of this quest is to find and search various containers at different locations Wasteland Landmarks in Fortnite.

To complete the quest, you will have to find and open 10 containers at these specific locations. The good news is that you can open any normal chest, ammo boxand product box to move forward in this relatively simple task.

Some more good news is that it doesn’t actually make a difference if you open all 10 containers at the same place or hop around different Wasteland Landmarks around the map. This specific step can also be completed in just one match or over the course of several matches – it’s really up to you. It mostly depends on how long it takes you to find the 10 containers needed to check this task off the list.

Where to find Wasteland Landmarks locations in Fortnite

While finding any old chest or ammo box and opening it in Fortnite is as simple as 1 + 1 = 2, doing this for this task if you don’t know the locations of Wasteland Landmarks makes it much more of a headache. Fortunately there is 17 Wasteland Landmarks choose from which I will list for you below. I will also include a screenshot of the map with all 17 locations marked with pins, which you can learn more about here.

  • One located north of Sandy Steppes
  • One just north of the Nitrodome
  • One in the east of the Nitrodome
  • Three between the Nitrodome and Sandy Steppes
  • Four south of the Nitrodome, between Brutal Beachhead and Redline Rig to be exact
  • Three were located south of Olympus
  • Three in between Redline Rig and Brawler’s Battleground
  • And one south of Redline Rig
The southern part of the in-game Fornite map with locations of all containers near Wasteland Landmarks in Fortnite
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Each of these places has at least several containers you can find and open, so you should be able to hit this task in no time. In addition, the majority of these stains have vehicles and vehicle mods at themwhich means you can zip from place to place on wheels and get this job done quickly.

As a reward for completing the quest containers at Wasteland Landmarks task, you will receive a very healthy 15,000 XP. This is not a bad amount of XP for a fairly easy task that you can probably complete in one round. I suggest you remove this sooner rather than later before moving on to more involved quests.

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