How to solve the Skull Galaxy Puzzle in Forager | Skull Galaxy Puzzle Solution

In Forager, there are many Galactic Puzzles that you must solve in order to progress through the game. In this guide, we will explain how to solve the Skull Galaxy Puzzle. This puzzle consists of four puzzles for you to think about.

How do you solve the Skull Galaxy puzzle in Forager?

To solve the Skull Galaxy puzzle, you must solve the puzzle next to each pillar and place the object described by the puzzle on the pillar.

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To place an item on a pillar, approach the pillar with the item and press “E”. This allows you to set one item from your inventory on the pillar.

Place an object on a pillar in the Skull Galaxy puzzle.
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Tapping “E” on a pillar holding an item will remove that item. The item will drop to the floor where it can be picked up.

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Skull Galaxy Puzzle Solution

When solving this puzzle, I had the most trouble solving the puzzle for the bottom column. The description of the object as “alive without breathing” and “always drinking” made me think of plants. However, all the in-game plants contradicted the cold and thirstless parts of the puzzle. I was able to decipher the puzzle by going through all the living things in the game that I have acquired so far. After seeing the fish, I realized that the second line referred to aquatic creatures and I was finally able to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle for the bottom column of the Skull Galaxy Puzzle.
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With that in mind, the table below contains the final solution for every puzzle in the Skull Galaxy puzzle.

column an enigma Solution
East Pillar (Left) Gentle enough to soothe the skin, strong enough to break stone. A bottle of water
North Pillar (top) What strength and power cannot go through, I, with my teeth, can do. a key
West Pillar (right) I can fall from great heights and live, but submerged I die. A piece of paper
South Pillar (bottom) Living without breath, cold as death. Never thirsty, always drinking. Fish

The most important rewards for solving the Skull Galaxy puzzle are the Skull Galaxy Seal and Spirit Orb.

The solution for the Skull Galaxy puzzle in Forager.
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