How to start Dawntrail MSQ in FFXIV

If you’re ready to take the adventure to the vast continent of Tural in Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail expansion, it’s important to know where to pick up the first Main Scenario Quest to help you on your way. If you’re wondering where to get things started, here’s our handy guide on how to start a Dawntrail MSQ in FFXIV.

Where to take the first Dawntrail Main Scenario Quest in FFXIV

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To get to the land of Tural in the Dawntrail expansion, you’ll first need to start the new Main Scenario quest line for it. To do that, you want to go to Old Sharlayanwhere the storyline for the Endwalker expansion came to an emotional close.

After there, check your Main Scenario Quest notification at the top left corner of your screen if you have it enabled. The first quest for Dawntrail is “A New World to Explore”, and you will have to go to the Baldesion Annex, which is an easy teleport from Old Sharlayan’s Main Aetheryte.

Talk to the Lalafell NPC Ojika Tsunjika to take the Level 90 quest, and you’ll be sent to find and talk to your Vieran buddy Erenville in the Main Hall. We won’t spoil what follows from there, but basically this quest will set you on your ill-fated boat trip to Tural alongside the eccentric Wuk Lamat and your fellow Scions.

Once in Tural, if and when you need to travel back to other regions in Eorzea for other quests and activities, you will need to set at least one of the Turalian Primary Aetherytes. Once done, you will have teleportation available from the continent. We highly suggest stocking up Aetheryte Tickets to relieve the gil cost of long-distance teleports that you can easily get Centurion Seals.

Enjoy the story of Dawntrail, try Viper or Pictomancer, and all the adventures that lie ahead!

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