How to travel a distance while holding a Siphon Aspect or an Agility Aspect in Fortnite

One of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2's nine quests of the week requires players to “travel a distance while holding the Aspect of Siphon or Aspect of Agility.” If you don't know how to get them, we'll break down the location of each Skin and how you can get them to complete this challenge.

Appearance of Siphon location in Fortnite

The Aspect of Siphon can be found at The Underworld by defeating Hades. You can summon and defeat Hades by finding his statue at the named location. It is marked on your map with a stone column icon.

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When you find the statue, interact with it to summon Hades, defeat the minor enemies he summons, and then dispose of him. Make sure you have full shields and health, and have some powerful weapons to make the fight easier.

statue to challenge Hades and get the Siphon Skin in Fortnite
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After defeating Hades, he will drop the Aspect. This will give you 50 shield and 50 health every time you eliminate a player. While this is useful if you want to go for the Victory Royale, your better option for completing the ninth week challenge is to go for the Agility Look instead.

Appearance of Agility location in Fortnite

The Aspect of Agility is your reward for defeating Cerberus at Grim Gate. Again, go to the stone pillar icon here on your map at the named location and interact with the statue of Cerberus to summon some wolves. Defeat these and then face Cerberus to get the Aspect of Agility.

statue to challenge a cerberus and get the Aspect of Agility in Fortnite
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This Aspect of the Gods will allow you to constantly use the “dash” ability you get for swimming in the River Styx (that green colored water). Being able to move quickly makes it easier to travel the 250 distance needed to complete the week nine quest.

Now all you have to do is spam the dash button (space on PC, A on Xbox, X on PlayStation) until you've covered the 250 distance.

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