How to unlock free skins in The First Descendant

Skins are always a hotly debated topic in almost every game; gamers want to look better than their peers and some like to throw cash around to do so. Not everyone can afford some of the price tags in The First Descendant, but Nexon has thankfully added some free skins that are oddly hidden from plain sight.

Where to find the free Battle Pass in The First Descendant

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Finding these skins is not the hardest thing, but they are not as open to the public as some would like. First, you’ll want to open the Battle Pass, which you can access with the ‘I’ key, and head over to the Battle Pass tab. Now follow the image above to find the Battle Pass section that includes all the free items.

  • Page 1 of the Battle Pass in First Descendant
  • Page 2 of the Battle Pass in First Descendant

Note that these free items are unfortunately only available after you’ve reached Battle Pass level 50 for the first page, and level 96 for the second. If you want all these free goodies, you have no choice but to level up the Battle Pass as quickly as possible (some tips on that below).

There’s one last hoop you have to jump through to get your hands on the freebies: each item costs an amount of Supply Coins. The cost ranges from 10 – 50 Supply Coins per item, so you may have to make some sacrifices until more sources of the coins become available.

How to earn Supply Coins in The First Descendant

Supply Coins missions for the Battle Pass in The First Descendant
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Supply Coins can only be earned by completing the Seasonal Weekly Challenges and cannot be obtained in any other way. They offer a massive XP boost to the Battle Pass, so as you grind your way to level 50, you can kill two birds with one stone.

How to quickly level up a Battle Pass in The First Descendant

The only real way to level up the Battle Pass is by completing the daily and weekly missions. Each objective you complete will earn you a chunk of XP. Unfortunately, there is a finite number of missions, so leveling the pass up to level 50 will be time-consuming. My advice is to tackle all the Weekly missions for massive boosts, but save the daily missions for a steady increase to your BP level.

That’s all we have on the hidden free skins in The First Descendant. If you are looking for similar content check out How to quickly level your Descendant in The First Descendant, and more in Pro Game Guides.

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