How to unlock Lucia in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns

With many characters to get in the latest Vampire Survivors DLC, you will have a lot of fun in the game. Check out how to unlock Lucia in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns below.

How to get Lucia in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns

If you want to get Lucia in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns and complete your Anti character collection, you will have to develop the Scatter Shot. However, there are several steps you must complete first. First, you need to have Ariana unlocked, because she has the Spread Shot. Then, to develop it, you will have to:

  • Level up Scattered Shot.
  • Find a Weapon Power.
  • Has White Tom.

Since Ariana's main weapon is the Spread Shot, bringing her will make it easier for you to level it. However, I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of the way that gun works.

I found the best tactic was to stick to the middle of the bridge and shoot left and right to clear the area. I tried to catch the Royal Bible quickly get the best damage. I also suggest catching the Clock Lancet as soon as you can. It is very useful for freezing your enemies and escaping when swarming.

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Weapon powers are very easy to find and you can see them on maps as gray cases. The White Tom it's harder to get if you haven't already gotten it in a previous run. To unlock it, you must have six different items at once.

Try to get up as fast as possible and grab the Attractor if you get it as an option so you can collect all the Orbs around you. Once you have six items, you can give up on the run and start your real one to develop the Scatter Shot and unlock Lucia in Vampire Survivors.

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