How to unlock Simondo in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns

In the Vampire Survivors DLC, Operation Guns, you can unlock a new hero named Simondo. This character is just one of the 11 new unlocks you can get in this DLC.

Get Simondon in Operation Guns in Vampire Survivor

Simondo is unlocked by evolving the weapon called the Diver Mines. This is Newt Plissken's weapon in Vampire Survivor. So you'll need to unlock Newt before you can even think about getting Simondon. He is unlocked by finding 28 grenades, giving you access to the Diver Mines upgrade which will allow you to get Simondon. To upgrade Diver Mines, you'll need to survive fifteen whole minutes as Newt Plissken. You have to do something completely different in Adventure Mode to get a Simo; you instead have to defeat him during your Adventure to unlock Simondon himself.

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Simondo is one of 11 new heroes added to Vampire Survivors in the Operation Guns DLC. To unlock them all, you'll need to get to the coffin on the far right side of Neo Galuga's map. Inside you can find the first hero, Bill Rizer. Upgrading the characters' weapons as you find them and continuing to search for more coffins in new locations will unlock almost all new heroes for you to fight. All the new characters, the new maps and the new music are all themed after or taken directly from an Anti game of the past.

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