How to unlock Warqor Lar Dor Trial in FFXIV Dawntrail

There are countless new challenges to accept in the Dawntrail expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, and one of the first faces the Warrior of Light against the one and only Valigarmanda. If you’re wondering when or where you’ll get your hands on this serpentine beast, here’s our handy guide on how to unlock Warqor Lar Dor Trial in FFXIV Dawntrail.

When Warqor Lar Dor Trial unlocks in FFXIV Dawntrail

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Warning: The following guide contains location and quest-related spoilers for Dawntrail’s main story. Read ahead with discretion.

The series of primal trials in Final Fantasy XIV’s Dawntrail begins with none other than the destined beast of legend in Tural – Valigarmanda the Skyruin. However, to unlock the normal version of the battle, you will first need to reach a specific point in Dawntrail’s Main Scenario Questline (see our guide on How to start Dawntrail MSQ in FFXIV).

Once you’ve crossed the mountains of Urqopacha and met the statuesque Yok Huy who act as guardians of the region, soon enough you’ll find yourself in a situation where Valigarmanda must be defeated so that it doesn’t wreak havoc on Tural again. . The Level 93 Main Scenario quest “The Sky Ruin” will officially unlock the trial for you to participate.

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If you’re worried about whether you meet the minimum item level requirement for this battle, there’s no need to stress, as the game waives that requirement for the normal difficulty, as long as a full party of eight players is present. The duty will sync your level up to 93 if yours is higher during a turn.

Valiarmanda Boss Guide in Worqor Lar Dor Trial – FFXIV

Remember to equip the best gear you have available, whether it’s raiding or enhanced Endwalker tomstone gear, or the most recent gear provided by completing Dawntrail Main Scenario quests. Also bring some helpful meals to use for stat buffs, as every little boost helps this early in the expansion.

Finally, if you want to try either Viper or Pictomancer in this battle, make sure you unlock the jobs in their respective areas first.

The normal version of Warqor Lar Dor is dynamic combat but otherwise still quite simple. Valigarmanda starts the fight with a big donut AoE to get the party firmly established, noted by a bright red mechanical notification, which is a new feature in FFXIV’s combat content going forward.

Along with various shaped AoEs that cleave huge parts of the arena, Valigarmanda utilizes the elements of Fire, Ice, and Lightning to his advantage through the execution of different mechanics. After tank breaking, the beast will use ‘Skyruin’ to change the arena to storm (Lightning) or snow (Ice).

If it’s a storm, several green squares will appear on the arena, which raise you high if you stand on them. You will use this when Valigarmanda uses ‘Thunderous Breath’ by getting up to avoid the otherwise unavoidable AoE mechanic.

When Valigarmanda changes the environment to snow, it will use an avalanche to sweep across half of the arena, as noted by another bright red mechanic. Otherwise, make sure to keep moving through its ‘Freezing Dust’ ability so your character doesn’t freeze, and avoid the Arcane Circle AoEs.

Near the end of the battle, Valigarmanda will summon three elemental naildons for the party to win, all while avoiding familiar AoEs and stacking when necessary. Soon, the epic beast will collapse in defeat.

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