How to Use DNA Manipulator in The Planet Crafter

I always wanted to unlock the potential of genetic engineering, but faith had me being a planet-maker. In this guide, I'll show you how to use the DNA Manipulator to create trees of life and more on The Planet Christ.

Running the DNA Utility in The Planet Crafter

Operating the DNA Manipulator involves selecting a genetic recipe and combining specific ingredients to produce enhanced tree seeds. Here is the step by step:

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  1. Interact with the top screen of the DNA Manipulator to select a recipe.
  2. Gather the necessary ingredients:
    • Specific seed
    • Tree Bark
    • Mutagen
  3. Interact with the lower console, placing the three ingredients in the designated slots.
  4. Start the sequential process to create the new tree seed.

How to craft the DNA Manipulator in The Planet Crafter

To access the DNA Utility, you must reach Terraformation Index from 700.00 MTi. Crafting this advanced equipment requires the following:

Recipe for the DNA Manipulator in The Planet Craftsman
Image via Timien YouTube
  • 1 Bioplastic Nugget
  • 1 Superalloy
  • 1 Explosive Powder
  • 1 Osmium
  • 1 Zeolite

Once created, the DNA Manipulator consumes 117.50 energy per second to operate

What is the DNA manipulator?

The DNA Manipulator in The Planet Crafter is a crucial tool for terraforming, allowing players to genetically engineer tree seeds. These trees are not just for decoration, they play a crucial role in the production of oxygen, essential to make the planet habitable. Creating a DNA Manipulator also gives you the Genetic Engineer achievement in the game.

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Types of Tree Seeds You Can Create using the DNA Manipulator in The Planet Crafter

The DNA Manipulator enables the production of various tree seeds, each with distinct oxygen multipliers. Some of the spawnable tree seeds include:

  • Tree Seed Linifolia
  • Tree Seed Aleatus
  • Tree Seed Cernea
  • Tree Seed Elegiac
  • Tree Seed Humelora
  • Tree Seed Aemora
  • Tree Seed Soleus
  • Tree Seed Shreox
  • Tree Seed Pleom (Secret)

Using Tree Seeds in The Planet Craftsman

After crafting the tree seeds, plant them using a Tree Propagator to start their growth. Each tree species contributes differently to the production of oxygen on your terraformed planet, aiding in the creation of a breathable atmosphere.

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