Is The First Descendant down? How to check the status of the server

If you’re trying to load The First Post and having trouble, you’re not alone. The servers seem unable to handle the thousands of players playing the game. Just a day after release, the servers crashed and no one could log in. Are you having this problem now? Read this guide to learn how to check if The First Descendant is down.

How to check if The First Descendants Servers are down

The First Descendant was released on July 2, 2024. As a new online game, there are bound to be some teething problems. NEXON has already sent one batch of freebies to players’ mailboxes for their launch day stuff, but there are more issues on July 3rd than on release day.

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Here are the best ways to check The First Descendant server status:

Unfortunately, it seems the community is beating the developers to any updates regarding the server outage. I checked each of the official sites and there was nothing about the July 3rd server issues.

But, on the Discord in the Community Support channel, there are many players updating each other about their login and server issues.

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