King Legacy Sea Beast Puzzle Location and Solution (Update 6)

Some problems can only be cracked with a brain in King Legacy, as a puzzle challenge is the only way to unlock the Sea Beast race. But that's not easy, because you have to find the location of the Sea Beast puzzle before you try to solve it.

Where to find the Sea Animal Puzzle in King Legacy (Update 6)

To unlock the Sea Beast Race in King Legacy, you must first solve a puzzle located in the Third Sea, on the Shallow Island. Follow our step-by-step guide to solve the Sea Beast puzzle.

  • Go to the Shallow Island: Select Grave in the Gate World teleport menu and find the Shallow Island (introduced in King Legacy update 6).
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  • Talk to Neptunian (NPC): Find an NPC named Neptunian under the Sea Beast puzzle. Talk to him to start solving the puzzle. But before that, you have to give 100 Sea Artifacts to Neptunina as an entrance fee. If you're short on resources, try using King Legacy cheats to get them quickly. Fortunately, you only have to pay him once, not for every time you try to solve the puzzle.
Location of Neptunian NPC in King Legacy Roblox
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  • Solve the riddle of the Sea Beast: The Sea Beast puzzle consists of 12 pieces that must be rearranged to form a complete picture. Flip blocks to complete the top of the picture, and move down to an empty block. Everyone on the same server can see the puzzle moved, and it will automatically shuffle during the Blood Moon event. Remember that if it happens during your race mission, it won't blend in overnight due to the Blood Moon event.
Sea Beast puzzle problem in King Legacy Roblox
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  • Reset the puzzle if you get stuck: If you find the puzzle too difficult or make a mistake, you can reset it by talking to Neptunian. Sometimes, it's easier and faster to just reset the puzzle than to turn pieces around for hours.
  • Change your race to Sea Beast: After successfully arranging the pieces, talk to Neptunian again. As a reward, he will allow you to switch to the Sea Beast race. Now you can regenerate health while in water and swim faster.

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