List of Achievements and Rewards of Vampire Survivors Operation Guns

Completing achievements in Vampire Survivors is more than just bragging rights. Completing these challenges unlocks weapons, characters and gold, which is more than enough reason to make them a priority. Here is a complete List of Achievements and Rewards of Operation Guns of Vampire Survivors.

All Achievements and Rewards in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns DLC

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Achievements are important in Vampire Survivors because they are a road map to your success in the game. By completing them, you'll progress faster because you'll know what to do next. For example, the easiest way to develop weapons from Operation Guns DLC is unlock characters that use guns as default weapons. Start with Bill, as he will help you unlock Lance faster. Then, use Lance to unlock Ariana, etc. This way you will unlock all the characters quite easily.

achievement reward
Defeat Big Fuzz in Neo Galuga Colonel Bahamut (character)
Defeat Taka in Neo Galuga Hyper Neo Galuga (Stage mode)
Evolve the Blade Crossbow 50k Coins
Develop the CU Laser Hyper Hectic Highway (Stage)
Develop the Diver Mines Simondo (character)
Evolve the Fire Arm Brown (character)
Evolve the Returning Miss 50k Coins
Evolve the Long Gun Lance Bean (character)
Evolve the Metal Claw 50k Coins
Evolve the Prism Girl 50k Coins
Evolve the Short Gun Ariana (character)
Evolve the Sonic Bloom Sheena Etranzi (character)
Develop the Scatter Shot Lucia (character)
Find 14 Barriers Probotector (character)
Find 21 RapidFires Stanley Ironside (character)
Find 28 Grenades Newt Plissken (character)
Find and open the coffin in Neo Galuga Bill Rizer (character)
Find and open the coffin on Hectic Highway Brad Fang (character)
Find the Neo Galuga Map Neo Galuga Map
Experience 15 minutes with Ariana Spread Shot (Weapon)
Experience 15 minutes with Bill Rizer Long Gun (Weapon)
Experience 15 minutes with Brad Fang Fire Arm (Weapon)
Survive 15 minutes with Browny Sonic Bloom (Weapon)
Survive 15 minutes with Colonel Bahamut Metal Claw (Weapon)
Experience 15 minutes with Lance Bean Short Gun (Weapon)
Experience 15 minutes with Lucia CU Laser (Weapon)
Experience 15 minutes with Newt Plissken Dive Mines (Weapon)
Survive 15 minutes with Probotector Prism Girl (Weapon)
Experience 15 minutes with Sheena Etranzi Blade Crossbow (Weapon)
Experience 15 minutes with Stanley Ironside Homing Miss (Weapon)

Now that you know all the achievements and rewards in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns DLC, check out How to unlock Stanley in Vampire Survivors Operation Guns on Pro Game Guides.

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