Once Human Patch Notes – Closed Beta Test 3

Once Human immerses players in a multiplayer open-world survival experience, unfolding in a peculiar post-apocalyptic era. Collaborate with allies to combat formidable foes, unveil hidden schemes, vie for vital resources, and establish your domain. In this article, I will show you all the latest features to be changed in the game.

The latest Closed Beta Test 3 brings us all-new PvE dungeons, Eternaland, Deviations, and much more. The developers and have made major updates to the basic game elements such as survival, open world, and revamped crafting concepts. Furthermore, new Vehicles, Weapons, and Social features have been added.


Dear Metas,

Thank you for your kind attention and support! The Closed Beta Test 3 will officially open on April 3rd, at 7:00 pm PDT. At the same time, we will bring you the brand new gameplay and update content. Can’t wait to share the update details about CBT3 with you!

PC pre-downloads: April 2, 19:00 PDT

Server opening: April 3, 19:00 PDT

*Once you pre-register, don’t forget to create your character before April 4, 19:00 PDT! If you don’t have a character by then, you won’t be able to participate in the test.

After April 4, 2024, at 19:00 PDT, players who have not created a character need to use an activation code to enter the server.

(New Script)

Ted Holt, the founder and leader of the Union, was the first mayor of Blackfell. He passed away many years ago, but has never been forgotten—at least that was the case until a few weeks ago. Strangely, almost all the residents of Blackfell no longer remember the name Ted Holt, including his closest companions and most loyal subordinates. Their memories of him have been erased, and the trust between them has been lost, and only rage and prejudice remain, with unrest on the brink of erupting.

Is this the influence of an aberrant host? You’ve already been through a lot, but you must continue with what you do best.

New Main Story Task in Lone Wolf Wastes—Once Here

Blackfell, the Union’s stronghold, is in the midst of a severe strike, all sparked by the world forgetting the existence of certain someone. In this quest, you will uncover the darkest secrets of Blackfell.

New Monolith Dungeon:The Forsaken Giant

1. Players can enter the dungeon via Lone Wolf Wastes—Forsaken Monolith

2. The entrance has been moved from Forsaken Monolith Hard Mode to the pre-requisite Monolith

New Securement Silo

Added new Securement Silo—PSI. Located in Lone Wolf Wastes.

Added new Securement Silo—EX-1. Located in Chalk Peak.

(New PVE Scenario – Manibus)

Embark on an adventure to investigate anomalies, confront the Original Entity, and thwart the Manibus’ plan.

Many players have voiced their preference for PvE over PvP and hope to earn rewards solely through PVE activities—This is exactly the issue we hope to address through the seasonal framework, which will allow players to explore diverse gameplay options within Once Human. The addition of the new Manibus Scenario brings the following updates:

1. New PVE Content: Introducing the New Monolith Boss Dungeon and the New Securement Silo.

2. Shift from PVP Focus: The frontier will no longer be in constant chaos, and the Stronghold feature will be removed. PVP will only be activated with mutual consent.

3. Balanced Reward Distribution: Main PVP rewards, such as Starchrom, will now be obtainable through other gameplay features or different Scripts.

Special Gameplay:

Manibus Invasion: Join forces to combat aberrant creatures, explore the frontier, summon the kin of Manibus with Staroid, and ultimately defeat the Manibus as the season progresses.

Prime War Gameplay Adjustments in Manibus Scenario

Key Adjustments:

1. Players can build defensive installations in the Frontier during the Prime War without needing to occupy the area.

2. Players can spend Staroids and interact with the Staroid Restrainer to activate the Prime War in the Frontier and earn Staroids through Strongholds, weekly commissions, and other methods.

3. All players on the server can participate in the Prime War to earn rewards without Warband restrictions.

Quality of Life Changes

1. Improved the interface and tutorial descriptions for the Prime War.

2. Added first-time clearance rewards for each area in the Prime War.

Other Adjustments

1. Each season now consists of 6 phases.

2. Seasonal phase rewards will no longer be available. Instead, the amount of obtainable Starchrom has increased and is now easier to obtain in the early phases of the new Scenario. First-time clearance rewards have been added to the Prime War for a total of 13 areas, with Starchrom available as a reward for the first victory in each area.

Mirror World Feature

To mitigate low population in the mid to late season, we will implement the merging of mirror worlds at the end of specific seasonal phases. This process will last approximately 30 minutes, during which overlapping territories will be removed and must be reestablished post-merge. The number of mirror worlds will be reduced post-merge to ensure an appropriate player count in each world. Players may experience suboptimal gameplay during the merge and are advised to rejoin the game afterward. There may be unforeseen issues during the first merging, and we will keep a close eye on it, resolving any issues and continuously optimizing the merging mechanic. If you have any questions, please send us feedback or contact Customer Service.

(Deviation System Update)

During the testing phase, we received valuable feedback and suggestions about the Deviations. Many players expressed their desire for Deviants to play a more significant role in the game world and to have increased interaction with them. In response, we have made a series of design changes. We have revamped and simplified the containment feature for Deviations and introduced 11 different types of Deviations in the Pioneer Server. These include the whimsical and witty Mr. Wish, a humanoid security turret in the form of a nutcracker soldier, the adorable and clever H37 android, a gardening, collecting, and fishing expert, a personal bodyguard, a gelatinous entity that protects you like a wall of shield, and many more.

These updates are designed to enhance players’ experience as they capture and collect Deviations on their adventure through the open world. With the addition of new seasonal Scripts, more Deviations will join each season, providing players with fresh experiences every new season.

This update introduces three types of Deviations categorized by their roles and specialties: Resource Production, Combat & Exploration, and Territory Management. Players can assign Deviations to work in their territory to quickly gather resources and ease their workload, bring them along on adventures, or enlist their help during combat for a more engaging experience.

The specific Deviation specialties include:

1. Capture: Each Deviation is rated for performance, with different ratings providing varying levels of work proficiency and efficiency.

2. Management: This update significantly reduces the difficulty of the containment process, allowing players to construct containments more easily.

3. Combat: This update enhances the combat capabilities of Deviations, allowing players to choose combat-oriented Deviations for assistance.

4. Resource Acquisition: This update introduces territorial Deviations that can assist in resource production and collection.

5. Formula: Players can unlock rare formulas (such as Elixirs and tactical items) by capturing Deviations.


Once Human adopts a seasonal system to provide a variety of content and experiences in each new season and to bridge the gap between veterans and new players. During the testing phase, we received feedback about the seasonal gameplay, including concerns about losing hard-earned resources at the start of a new season, the feeling of loss when homes are destroyed, and the abrupt transition between seasons.

In response to this feedback, we have improved the seasonal system and introduced “Eternaland” as a transitional world between seasons, accessible to every player. Unlike similar concepts in other MMO games, Eternaland provides players with an independent world between seasons.

The specific rules for Eternaland include:

1. Players have unrestricted freedom to build within Eternaland. The entire island is available for construction without territorial limitations. Constructions on Eternaland can be saved and shared as blueprints with friends.

*Please note that there are temporary limitations on the number of building modules on Eternaland due to performance constraints, which we will continue to improve in the future.

2. We have made adjustments to the rules regarding inheritance with the introduction of Eternaland:

Special Backpack Items: Items/data that were previously inherited into the new season will remain available, including Starchrom, Blueprints, Mods, Formulas (except Memetic), and Outfits.

Regular Backpack Items: Weapons, Armor, and basic items that players were unable to save previously will be transferred to the vault on Eternaland during the Settlement Phase. There is no limit to the quantity of these items transferred to Eternaland, but transferring items from Eternaland to a new season will consume “Resource Points,” with different items consuming differing amounts of these points. Resource Points will reset at the beginning of each new season, and as long as players have not exhausted their points, they can send items from Eternaland to the main world at any time. These items can also be sold on Eternaland to earn the island’s currency—Astral Sand. Please note that your items cannot be transferred to Eternaland during an ongoing season, and the resources on Eternaland will be isolated from those in the seasonal server, with separate Depots.

3. The shop on Eternaland will purchase materials players produced on Eternaland in exchange for the Astral Sand required for constructing on the island. By completing specific orders, the shop will also sell players basic production tools and materials, as well as special construction components exclusive to Eternaland. Additionally, players can sell resources brought from the seasonal server for Astral Sand to assist in island construction.

4. Players can invite friends from different seasonal servers to visit Eternaland, allowing for cross-server play. Our aim is to provide a relaxing and creative space for players to meet up with friends between seasons and enjoy various activities together. In the future, we plan to introduce more user-generated content and features to enhance the Eternaland experience.

5. Players are welcome to stay and play on Eternaland for an extended period, even if they have not signed up for a new season. Regular game activities and events are available on Eternaland, and players have the option to transfer rewards containing regular backpack items to the new season using Resource Points. Alternatively, they can sell these items for Astral Sand on Eternaland, with certain restrictions in place.

(SOC Gameplay Optimizations)

Our SOC (Survival/Open World/Crafting) system has always been a hot topic in the player community. In response to player feedback, we have made significant improvements to our SOC system, with a focus on construction, memetics, electricity, water, and home facilities. Here are the key optimizations we have made:

Memetic System Optimization

1. Ciphers can now be obtained through upgrades, completing season objectives, and capturing Deviants for the first time.

2. A new feature has been added to reset memetic nodes individually.

3. Level requirements and defeating the Monolith boss have been removed from memetic nodes and are now unlocked through seasonal phases.

4. The crafting feature has been expanded, allowing for the selection of different materials during crafting. Choosing different raw materials will affect the durability, effects, weight, and other attributes of the item.

Developer’s Note:

We have focused on addressing the issues of memetic node reset and memetic point acquisition and have restructured the current memetic tree. Now, players can reset individual memetic nodes instead of all memetics at once. Additionally, we have received a lot of feedback regarding the acquisition of memetic points. Players who enjoy farming and mining find it challenging to keep up with the majority and have relatively low efficiency in acquiring memetic points. In response to this issue, we increased the total amount of memetic points available and simplified the season objectives. Players can now obtain memetic points at their own pace through exploration, farming, or even construction, without being confined to leveling up. Capturing Deviations can also help players quickly acquire memetic points in the early stages.

We have removed most level requirements for memetics and adjusted the unlock method for memetics in different stages. Furthermore, we have reduced the number of nodes for certain parts of memetics, making them default, such as the Stardust Converter used for purifying Gray Matter and containment units, allowing players to bypass certain consumptions.

Memetic Specialization System

We’re excited to introduce our new Memetic Specialization System, designed to give players personalized survival attributes. Memetic Specialization enhances facility effectiveness, improves item crafting, and unlocks new super formulas based on existing memetics.

Every 5 levels, players will have the opportunity to acquire a memetic specialization from a choice of four randomly given specialization attributes. For example, players can select the “Expanded Backpack” attribute to unlock a new formula that increases the player’s carrying capacity or choose the “Supplies Workbench: Enhanced Healing” effect to permanently enhance the healing effect of restorative elixirs crafted through the workbench. We have prepared a diverse range of specialization effects and encourage players to experiment with different combinations. It’s important to note that the enhancements acquired through memetic specialization only apply to newly crafted items/facilities. If players gift these enhanced items to others, they will still benefit from the enhancements.

Construction Optimization – Bird’s Eye View

As your settlements continue to grow, the current construction view has proven to become insufficient. In response to your feedback, we have introduced a bird’s eye view construction mode, allowing you to have a more comprehensive view of the construction site and buildings.

1. Players can now switch to bird’s eye view using a designated key in construction mode.

2. Players can no longer control their characters; they can only control the camera position from a bird’s eye view.

*Bird’s Eye View can only be activated within your own territory and is available in both the Overworld and Eternaland.

New Blueprint System

1. Introduced the new feature to publish and download Blueprints. Players can customize the cover, name, and tags of their Blueprints and publish or download them. Additionally, players can also like and comment on other players’ Blueprints.

2. Blueprints now support Mobile Territories, enabling the storage and application of others’ designs to their vehicles.

3. Enhanced the display of Blueprints to showcase their effects.

4. Added a feature to save local designs, allowing players to save the entire structure of a building as a Blueprint.

5. Blueprints on Eternaland cannot currently be used in the large world, but Blueprints generated in the Overworld can be used on Eternaland. We plan to expand the boundaries in the future, so stay tuned!

New Vehicle and Related Optimizations

1. “Trailer Head” is now a personal vehicle. The Hive Garage has been renamed to “Large Garage” and adjusted to a fixed territory facility. Players can now build a Large Garage in their personal territory and manufacture Trailer Heads.

2. Added personal vehicle “Momentum” and territory facility “Medium Garage”. Players can now build a Medium Garage in their personal territory and manufacture Momentums.

3. Momentum is a medium-sized four-wheeler, with a capacity of two and supports a 1*3*2 (unit: foundation) mobile territory construction area.

Vehicle Optimizations

1. Tires will now self-repair after being damaged, and repairing tires in the Garage will no longer consume materials.

2. Increased the maximum steering and leaning angle for motorcycles, as well as the maximum steering angle for other vehicles’ front wheels.

3. Optimized the camera framing for vehicles.

4. Optimized the camera correction effect while driving

5. Optimized the first-person view while driving.

6. Optimized vehicle collision mechanic. Larger vehicles can now run over more trees.

7. Added aiming for shooting from vehicles, allowing players to aim down sights by pressing the right mouse button.

8. Optimized the construction experience for mobile territories, focusing on adhesion, steering, and plank replacement.

9. Turrets are now supported on mobile territories.

10 Mobile territories can now be built in Public World.

11. Introduced the “Recall Garage” feature to Mobile Territories. Players are advised to leave ample space near the garage to avoid accidents.

12. Improved the physics of mobile territories and resolved issues that could cause them to become airborne.

Electricity System Adjustments and Optimizations

We have made significant adjustments and optimizations to the electricity system in response to player feedback.

1. Lights no longer need to be connected to the power grid.

2. Added two new types of generators: Hydraulic Generators and Stardust Generators.

3. Hydraulic Generators can be placed in rivers to generate electricity.

4. Adjustments have been made to the power output of different generators.

Developer’s Note:

Solar power is a generator that players do not need to manage. It is more suitable for beginners as it does not require constant refueling like Biomass Generators. In response to feedback on insufficient power and electricity consumption issues from our player community, we have made improvements in this version and added a variety of generators that can perform better in different environments. Additionally, we have reduced the power consumption of some containment units.

Water System Adjustments and Optimizations

1. Standing in water will no longer consume dirty water; instead, water will be collected using Flasks. Flasks no longer need to be crafted

2. Rainwater Collection System and Water Pumps will collect contaminated water in the Pollution Zone.

3. Purifiers can convert contaminated water into acidic solution.

4. Fermentation Barrel can convert acidic solution into acid.

5. A small purifier has been added.

6. Water Pumps can extract crude oil near oil fields.

7. Water Pumps can extract acidic contaminated water in the Pollution Zone.

Facilities Optimizations

1. Added the feature to partially remove items from the production queue.

2. Added the feature to pre-produce pending items.

3. Added the feature for certain facilities to produce multiple items concurrently.

4. Added automatic collection facilities for minerals and timber.

Fishing System Optimizations

1. Optimized the fishing process by eliminating the need to repeatedly bait the hook.

① Removed the requirement to re-bait the hook; the system now automatically records the previous bait.

② Eliminated the self-moving cast point. Players can now choose the cast point at will.

③ Introduced additional fish-capturing scenarios, along with additional visual effects added to the HUD

④ Real-time fishing progress will now be visible in the lower right corner of the screen.

⑤ Reduced the number of required keys; players can now complete the entire fishing process by clicking or holding the left mouse button.

2. Added new types of fish and bait for a more diverse fishing experience.

3. Introduced a new Party Event – (Surge of Fish), where players can visit a designated location to fish for a chance to obtain rare fish, which can be exchanged for special rewards at the merchant.

Agriculture System Optimizations

1. Added a crop mutation mechanism, where crops have a chance to mutate and yield unique produce. The unique produce can be used to create all-new Gold Dishes, which offer distinct and powerful effects. These effects are extremely beneficial in various activities such as combat, gathering, exploration, and other endeavors. We encourage players to grow crops and delve into the new agriculture and cooking system..

2. Introduced a diverse range of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Vegetables and fruits can be utilized to craft food items, while flowers are ideal for landscaping. Harvested flowers can also be used for indoor decoration and have the potential to yield different colored varieties through mutation.

3. Added the “Loamy Soil” facility, which can be placed outdoors for outdoor planting.

4. Removed the mechanics of Crop Lifespan and Withering, and now the game automatically retains the last chosen fertilizer when planting.

5. When crops lack sufficient light and irrigation, a floating icon will appear within the territory to provide a visual indication.

Cooking System Expansion

1. Adjusted the attributes and effects of most dishes.

2. Changed the acquiring methods for some dishes.

3. Added a variety of new dishes.

4. Players can now find finished dishes in the overworld.

5. Adjusted the types of dishes sold by NPCs.

6. Players can now sell dishes to NPCs, and the value of finished dishes will be higher.

(Social Feature Adjustments and Optimizations)

Warband and Territory

We have simplified the gameplay of Hive:

1. Warbands can now be formed independently of Hives, making it easier for players to join and leave Warbands.

2. Hive Territory has been replaced with Individual Territory, allowing players to have larger territories. This change is aimed at making it easier for players to understand territory rules.

3. The range of territories has been adjusted to be rectangular, making it easier for players to border each other’s territories. Players can connect territories with friends to build larger territories.

4. Formulas unlocked via Hives have been transferred to individuals.

5. Players can now grant each other permission to use facilities and chests and build in each other’s territories.

6. After unlocking Personal Territory Expansion via Memetics, Personal Territory can now be expanded through Territory Terminal.

7. Introduced the Group Chat feature, enabling players to create/join Group Chats. More functions are still in development. Stay tuned for updates.

Developer’s Note:

Our goal is to create a stress-free social environment in the game. We want players to be able to relax and socialize and have the freedom to border with whom they choose. The size of territories now depends on players’ desire to develop with others, with no limit theoretically. Hives are more of a symbolic unit that witness player friendship. The adjustments to Warbands also serve the same purpose. Future gameplay features, as well as formula and resource gathering, will not be bound to Hives.

New Team Interface

Added a Team interface accessible via the “U” key or the Social page in the menu, offering features such as matchmaking, recruiting, merging teams, and joining cross-server teams.

Added After-image Feature

1. The after-image feature allows players to leave messages in the overworld.

2. When a player falls, a flower will be left at the spot, which can be reclaimed by the owner. The owner can interact with after-images at the Territory Terminal to retrieve the returned flower.

3. Players will randomly leave after-images in other players’ territories.

(Combat & Controls Optimizations)

Weapon & Equipment Adjustments

In response to feedback on weapon class design and balance issues in the previous version, we have made the following stat adjustments to weapons and equipment:

1. Reworked the stats of most weapons and armor pieces and removed the weapon activation feature. Our aim is to make the experience of combining different weapons and armor more intuitive and to make the differences between weapons more pronounced. The special effects are now more compatible with the weapons themselves.

2. Adjusted Fine Quality (Blue) weapons to be associated with various keywords, allowing new players to engage in build combinations earlier. Additionally, four new weapons have been added to supplement the weapon choices for certain builds.

3. Increased the damage of Sniper Rifles, Grenade Launchers, and some Machine Guns.

4. Gloves will now increase the ability to capture Deviants, with this ability increasing with the equipment level.

New Weapon Type: Recurve Bow

The longer you draw a Recurve Bow, the better its range and accuracy. It can also be used for rapid fire to deal with enemies in close range. Recurve Bows can be found in chests in the overworld.

Added 4 New Weapons and Their Blueprints

1. Hammerhead

Weapon Type: Pistol

Quality: Excellent

2. Netherword

Weapon Type: Shotgun

Quality: Excellent

3. Doombriger

Weapon Type: Shotgun

Quality: Perfect

4. Outerspace

Weapon Type: SMG

Quality: Perfect

Weapon Optimizations

1. Recurve Bow now features a charging mechanism that increases attack power: Attack power starts at 60% and gradually increases to full attack power during the charging process. Due to this new feature, we’ve enhanced the damage and passive effects of Recurve Bow to balance its strength.

2. Enhanced the passive effects of the following melee weapons: Frozen Tilapia, Military Shovel, and Kukri now provide additional healing effects when healing, strengthening their performance.

Calibration Optimizations

The Calibration System now includes a feature that allows players to select specific attributes. After reaching a certain level of calibration, players can select attributes that complement their weapons.

Mod Adjustments

1. New Mods will be available in this update. The keywords that connect the weapon are enhanced and no longer limited to specific gun types. Players can mix-match different Mods and equipment and enjoy a more in-depth modification experience.

2. Reduced the number of random attributes for mods. Some low-usage random attributes are removed from the pool. In addition, with changes to module core talents, different exclusive random attributes will be added.

3. The Enhancement feature has replaced the Modification feature. Players can now salvage Mods and use the materials to enhance other Mods. Mods obtained in the previous beta test will remain available in the current test, but cannot be enhanced or modified. At the same time, balancing adjustments will be made alongside the introduction of new Mods.

4. Added an instant equipping feature to the Mod inventory. Players can now select a Mod in the inventory and instantly equip it to a piece of equipment from the Equipment List, and no longer need to enter the customization interface to find mods.

New Talent: Override

Introducing a new Cradle Talent, as well as various new Talents

The Seasonal Override system has been updated to include new features such as the general Override and seasonal Override. The general Override will go through longer upgrade cycles and the seasonal Override will align with the general Override. The Novice Season will not activate Override.

General Override includes a variety of firearm buffs, combat movement buffs, and genre buffs.

Seasonal Override includes specific firearm buffs, additional effects for Tactical Items, and unique genre mechanics.

New Items

New Tactical Item: Space Twister

Teleports a teammate to your location.

New Elixir: Morph Crumbs

Transforms the user into a nearby object.

Weapon Attachment Adjustments

1. Improved the descriptions of all attachments to specify the weapon models they can be equipped on.

2. Added Muzzle slot for Revolvers and Desert Eagle.

3. Added Optics for DP12 and M870: Tactical Rifle Scope and Prismatic Sight

4. Added Optic and Tactical slot for AKM.

5. Added Optics for AKM – Pioneer and AKM – Burning Rage: Tactical Rifle Scope, Prismatic Sight, Advanced Combat Optic, Recon Combat Optic, and Precision Rifle Scope

6. Added Optic for M700: Precision Rifle Scope

7. Added Muzzle slot for M700

8. Removed Tactical slot for AWM

9. Added Optic and Tactical slot for RPD – Icebreaker

10. Added Optic slot for RPD: Tactical Rifle Scope and Prismatic Sight

11. Enhanced camera tracking during melee combat for improved character and monster performance.

12. Enhanced controls and feedback for all melee weapons, with more precise hit detection and added shaking effects when hitting large monsters.

13. Revamped the attack moves for dagger-type weapons to create smoother attack rhythms. Similar optimizations for other melee weapon types will be made in the future.

14. Reduced the depletion rate of durability for melee weapons and fixed the issue of durability being depleted when not hitting any targets.

Character Optimizations

1. Players can now climb onto the shore.

2. Players can push each other outside of Survivor Settlements.

3. Adjusted monsters’ hit response of monsters to enhance the melee combat experience.

4. Added a feature for remodeling character appearance.

*This feature is still in development and will be released in a future update.

New Movement: Walk

1. Press (Walk) to start walking.

2. The default key is F11. Players can reconfigure this key in Settings.

Other Adjustments

1. Added multiple new Armor

2. Adjusted some weapons, armor, and Mod effects

3. The gliding effect provided by “Wing Elixir” is now permanently effective and no longer requires the use of elixir.

4. Adjusted Damage Immunity after respawning from 3 seconds to 15 seconds. Damage Immunity will end when actively attacking.

5. Deployable Tactical Items such as Drones, Turrets, and Stardust Barriers now have a dedicated UI to display their health and timer.

Gameplay Experience Adjustments & Optimization

New Gameplay: Cargo Scuffle

A merchant has arrived in the Stronghold, sporting a jellyfish-like substance on her head. Some believe it’s her hat, while others think she may be the servant of the jellyfish-like entity. She is in search of “Sproutlet”, which can be found on specific roads in the world transported by trucks. When you stop the truck, it releases seed of life that resembles a jellyfish and grants Sproutlet to the nearest person. However, be cautious, as others will also be vying for them. Sproutlet can be exchanged for resources with the merchant.

1. Trucks will periodically spawn in each region every day from 12 PM to 10 PM.

2. Stop the truck by causing damage and release the seed of life.

3. Seed of life will attach to the nearest player’s head, providing Sproutlet intermittently. If the attached player is defeated, the seed of life will drop and seek a new target.

4. Players not attached to the seed of life can obtain Sproutlet by defeating the attached players and also have a chance to be attached.

5. Once the seed of life has released all its Sproutlet, it will vanish and leave a gift for all players present.

6. Players defeated near the seed of life will not suffer any equipment durability loss or item drop.

Developer’s Note:

Cargo Scuffle is a casual, PvP-oriented game mode. There are no losses if defeated, and all players can earn rewards, making it part of the PvE experience. We hope this gameplay enriches the open-world experience. We welcome feedback and suggestions through our feedback channel.

Securement Silo Adjustments

1. Increased the Health of elite bosses in the Securement Silo to evoke a more challenging final boss experience.

2. Slightly decreased the Health and Attack of monsters in the early stages.

3. Decreased the Health of Lv.50 enemies in Hard Mode.

4. Increased the Health and Attack of Lv.50 enemies.

5. Novice Season: Decreased the Health of bosses at different difficulties.

Dungeon Optimizations

1. The Securement Silo is now accessed through the entrance interface.

2. Reduced the difficulty of Securement Silo Solo Hard Mode and removed some monsters.

3. Players can now leave a LIKE to teammates after completing the dungeon.

4. Added “Retry” function to the Dungeon Settlement page.

5. Introduced “Master” difficulty for Securement Silo and Rift Space to serve as a late-season challenge.

6. Adjusted the difficulty of Securement Silo Hard Mode to Lv.50 to reduce its challenge.

7. Adjusted the difficulty of LEA Research Lab to Lv.60 and decreased the difficulty of Polarized Deviants.

Workshop Defense Gameplay Adjustments

1. Removed PVP for Workshop Defense, allowing players to help each other build to receive rewards.

2. Optimized some descriptions and the tutorial.

3. Significantly improved Workshop Defense.

Stronghold Conquest Adjustments

The Stronghold Conquest has been modified from 16v16 to 12v12 for a more balanced gameplay experience.

Riddle Spot

Players can now experience the new Riddle Spot gameplay, with some variations between different Scripts.

Engagement Zone Drop Adjustments

Decreased the production of Stardust and Barreled Premium Fuel when occupying the Engagement Zone, while increasing production when looting.

Following the adjustments to social features, we have revamped the rules for occupying Engagement Zones and the elites within the zone, removing their association with Warbands occupying the border areas. Any Hive can now establish ownership of any unoccupied Engagement Zone by placing Security Equipment and begin building upon it. If the Security Equipment is destroyed, the Hive will lose ownership (this update will not change the Hive’s ownership of their Engagement Zones).

Furthermore, we have boosted the production rates and looting ratios of resources (Stardust and Barreled Premium Fuel) in the Engagement Zone. However, we’ve adjusted the resource distribution during looting at the Engagement Zone so that only the looter will receive the resources, rather than distributing them to other Hive members.

Public Crisis Event Adjustments

1. Advanced Settings and Hero/Legendary Events have been added, allowing for better rewards under specific conditions.

2. Optimized the reward distribution to align with the player’s current level.

3. Enhanced overall gameplay based on feedback from previous versions for an improved experience.

(Overworld Adjustments and Optimizations)

Task Adjustments

1. Adjusted the storyline of “The Eve of Evolution” and “Welcome Back”:

① Added additional guidance related to Deviants

② Added new character storylines and dialogue

③ Added additional guidance for Construction features and Rift Anchor

*Players no longer need coordinates to unlock Rift Anchors; they can now be accessed in Settlements.

2. The Main Story Task, The Treasure Infinite, has been changed to a Side Story.

3. The activation task for the Wish Machine has been completely revamped with the update. After completing the main storyline related to the Broken Delta, players can accept the Wish Machine activation task: (Guidance) Concept of materialization.

4. Added Main Story Tasks to Lone Wolf Wastes

5. Added Eternaland task part 2

6. Added Mary and Lowe’s character tasks

7. Implemented a simplified version of tasks, allowing players who have completed the task in the current season to play a shortened version with the same rewards in the next season.

Commission System Overhaul

1. Players are no longer required to visit various neutral settlements to accept commissions. Commissions can be accepted at any time by summoning V.

2. Commissions will be based on a weekly cycle, and upon completing the five commissions on the board each week, players can claim all the weekly rewards.

3. At the start of each season, a new weekly commission board will unlock every 7 days, allowing players to transition to the new board after completing the current one.

4. Commissions no longer have a time limit. Players can complete them at any time during the season.

(These updates only apply to the new servers opened after March 15, 2024)

Added Finished Furniture Pieces and Facilities in the Overworld

1. While exploring Abandoned Settlements players have a chance to obtain finished furniture pieces and facilities from crates. These can be placed directly via Construction Mode in the settlement without spending resources.

2. There will be a chance to obtain finished Weapons/Armor from crates and defeated monsters. After obtaining them, if the player meets the required level, they can equip the items directly or dismantle them, but they cannot be repaired.

3. Adjusted the value and weight of some items.

New Enemies

1. Normal Enemy – Light

2. Elite Enemy – Orderkeeper

3. Elite Enemy – Gacha Machine

4. Elite Enemy – The Scorcher

5. Elite Enemy – Weather Fourcasters

6. Boss Enemy – Wonderland Guide

7. Dungeon Boss – Securement Silo Siren

8. In non-novice season, some Settlements and Dungeons have added super-mutated enemies

Map Functionality Optimizations

1. Task tracker will now be generated on both the World Map and the Mini Map.

2. Added “Search” and “Quick Go” functions to the bottom left of the World Map to help players locate their destinations more easily.

3. Added “Featured Events” to the Hotbar at the bottom left of the World Map for easier viewing of active events.

4. Added Rift Anchors’ task information to Settlements when exploring the Overworld.

Environment Optimizations

1. Expanded the areas of Lone Wolf Wastes

2. Improved the terrains of Chalk Peak

3. Optimized the distribution of Animals and Plants in the Overworld

4. Adjusted the location of Deviants in each Settlement

5. Enhanced the graphics quality in Eternaland

6. Optimized the waters available for fishing

Exploration Optimizations

1. Added additional areas for oil extraction

2. Optimized the exploration areas of Iron River, Chalk Peak, Lone Wolf Wastes, and Blackheart Region

3. Optimized the pathfinding experience in the eastern region

4. Optimized the directional guidance in the eastern region

5. Added landmarks to Chalk Peak

6. Added landmarks to Lone Wolf Wastes

7. Expanded the variety of gatherable items

8. Added new animal species: Prairie Fox, Raven, Jaguar, and Capybara

Other Overworld Adjustments

1. Added dialogues to NPCs in Blackfell.

2. Simplified the Main Story Task, allowing completed characters to skip the campaign in subsequent seasons and only complete Rift Anchors and Boss fights (limited to the same character).

3. Added a Party Event related to Fishing.

4. Added tutorials to Eternaland.

(Tutorial Optimizations)

Map Adjustments

1. The World Map now includes a list of NPCs for each neutral stronghold. Players can click on the stronghold icon on the map to view and track the NPCs.

2. Improved the Rift Anchor interaction on the World Map, allowing players to view the status and available rewards more easily.

Task Optimizations

1. Optimized the experience of accepting Tasks. Tasks are no longer stacked in the Task List.

2. Players can now search for available Tasks on the World Map, and only accepted tasks will show up in the Task List.

3. When exploring the Overworld, an icon will appear on the map when there are available tasks nearby.

Other Adjustments

1. Enhanced the visual effects of some tutorials to help players understand the basics.

2. Improved the tutorials to help players get started quickly.

3. Lessened the visual effects of the Survival Manual and modified the text layout for easier reading.

4. Revised the contents of the Survival Manual according to the new categories.

5. Removed the unlocking conditions for the Survival Manual and opened all the contents for easy reference.

6. Adjusted the timing of tutorial pop-ups for easier closure and a smoother gameplay experience.

7. Enhanced the Survival Manual by adding new entries, optimizing descriptions, and refining key displays.

8. Introduced unique properties to Deviants, adding diversity.

(Interaction/UI Optimizations)

Gathering Optimizations

1. Players can now start gathering with a click, without the need to hold the button down. A new interface now displays the gathering progress.

2. Optimized the opening of chests and other interactions for a more seamless experience.

3. Addressed the issue of avatars swinging at nothing when the gathering action does not connect the target.

Other Adjustments

1. Added a pop-up window to display the player’s confirmation status before entering a Dungeon.

2. Optimized the interface for the seasonal phases to highlight key information.

3. Added a dedicated interface for Season Goals.

4. Revamped the designs for the Season Goals interface.

5. Optimized the UI for Tasks and improved the prompts.

6. Adjusted the default display priority for the “F” key.

7. Adjusted the sensitivity of the “F” key for switching interactive objects.

(Outfit Management Optimizations)

1. Added a separate page for clearer divisions.

2. Added support for trying on outfits, allowing players to try on all available outfits.

3. Added batch management for outfits, enabling players to dress/undress with one simple click.

4. Added information on how to acquire the outfit and which body part it belongs to, for a more intuitive view of outfit details.

(Wish Machine Overhaul)

Optimized the Wish Machine interface. We have adjusted the prize pool for servers opened after March 29, 2024. When the Wish Machine’s prize pool (excluding the Long-Awaited) is depleted, an additional reward will be issued.

An additional final reward will be granted when the common prize pool is completely drawn.

An additional final reward will also be granted when the seasonal prize pool is completely drawn.

(Report Feature Optimizations)

1. The report page has been optimized, with improved functionality enabling users to upload images, select the report type, and designate the target of the report.

2. After submitting reports, notification emails will now be generated. Additionally, individuals who have filed the report will receive feedback emails after their cases have been processed.

3. A new appeal feature has been introduced to provide recourse for banned players.


1. Fixed an issue with the quest “In the Tall Grass” where talking to Ran would occasionally cause the quest to become stuck and unable to progress;

2. Fixed an issue where participating in the Stronghold Conquest did not award Hive Activity Score;

3. Fixed an issue where turrets would not fire at target enemies;

4. Fixed an issue where the Billboard Riddle Spot in Lone Wolf Wastes could not trigger rewards properly;

5. Fixed an issue with the cross-server comment sharing.


1. Optimized Whisper reading by allowing texts to wrap and removing the cloud icon displayed in pictures.

Hey Metas, remember that your feedback and thoughts mean a lot. If you come across any issues or have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let us know. Keep up, Metas!

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