Palworld Player Discovers Easy Bellanoir Libero Cheese Involving Campfire and Stool

If anyone was going to struggle with the very first Palworld raid battle, it would be me. However, a player discovered an easy Bellanoir Libero Cheese involving a campfire and a stool to defeat it without much struggle.

The Raid battles are a highly requested feature. They can be fun if you play them with a group of friends, but playing them alone can be quite difficult. Bellanoir can be defeated quite easily, but the Bellanoir Libero and Libero Ultra are extremely difficult to deal with, as they have 450k and 900k health, respectively.

It's heartbreaking when they beat you because just one battle takes time and a lot of steps to set up. You have to go through many caves to collect all the Slab fragments to summon the Raid boss.

Fortunately for all of us, there is currently a way to cheese the Raid battle, which was discovered by the user of Reddit. General Henry. This cheesy strategy makes it easy even for solo players to beat the harder versions without having to farm a bunch of Jetragons.

If you are not interested in using the various fruits, Ancient Civilization Cores and getting the Sorceress crown, you can easily skip this raid. However, if you want the rewards and glory, as well as Ability Glasses and Electric Egg Incubators, then this is how you do it.

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Palworld Bellanoir Libero battle cheese layout

For starters, you'll want to set up your base somewhere with flat terrain. Additionally, as you can see in GeneralHenry's video, the best place for it would be a beach to avoid being attacked or surprised by other wild Comrades. Here are some of the best places for your secondary base:

  • The Forgotten Island -576.2
  • Ice Wind Island -358, -77
  • Twilight Dunes -206, -56

Once you have chosen the location and built your base, you need to build a Summoning Altar. Before you place it, instead, go to the Furniture section of the Build menu and select a Wooden stool. Place it near the edge but with enough space for the Summoning Altar to be inside the base when you build it later.

Add another stool on top of it and then move until the outlines of Alvo's Summoning glow blue. This means you can place and build it on the two stools. It should look exactly like the photo below. Once it's up, crouch and dismantle the stools before placing a Campfire under the altar instead.

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

When the altar is ready, get on a Jetragon or Eikthyrdeer—anything that has a charge ability—so you can get out of range quickly. If you're far away, then Bellanoir won't budge and will continue to float right over the Campfire, taking damage. And for anyone who has died as many times to that Campfire as I have, you know it does a lot of damage.

You should stay out of sight but not too far. Try to get close enough to see the timer, at least. Look around you and see if there are wild Buddies nearby. If there are, shoot them before they can attack Bellanoir.

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When you see that Bellanoir's health is low, start shooting it. You have to do this if you want to get the rewards at the end. Those are the simple steps, but there are some additional things you need to think about as well, as mentioned in General Henry's post.

Bellanoir Libero attack preparation

As I mentioned above, when preparing for the Bellanoir Libero attack, you can use any location as a base. Just remember that it must have enough space, and that wild Buddies can act the Raid Buddy.

You don't need Jetrag to escape; you can use either Fenglope or Eikthyrdeer with charge abilities to get out of the base quickly. You must do it before you complete the summoning, or Bellanoir will attack you. Even if you do it outside the base, this Friend will just start attacking your Palbox.

The safest distance you can be is until you can't see its health bar. However, if you're still unsure of the time and need to see how much HP it still has, go forward slowly until it appears on your screen.

You don't need an Assault Rifle to defeat the Raid boss; you can use a bow as well if you manage to hit a headshot. However, I prefer the safety that the Assault Rifle's damage gives me.

According to General Henry, you should start shooting her when the timer is about eight minutes and forty seconds. Compared to your shooting, the campfire deals constant damage, so if you do this cheese strategy a few times, you can start to understand exactly when Bellanoir is close to death.

After finishing all three raids, I had already given up on getting enough Ancient Civilization Cores to craft. This strategy makes my life easier. Keep in mind that this can easily be patched in any further Palworld updates, so try to make the most of it while you still can.

If you want to fight Bellanoir regularly, you can check How to defend your base against attacks in Palworld on Pro Game Guides.

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