Players can collect Nessy spells with Apex Legends Season 11 Treasure Packs

Fuse's bombs, Seer's hats, it seems that each season of Apex Legends has a different theme for its weapon charms found in the treasure packs. In Season 11, however, it's the cutest theme ever. Wattson fans rejoice as this season's players collect Nessies. Each Nessy charm comes dressed and ready for the warm beach weather with her sunglasses, Hawaiian shirt, lei and sun hat.

For those who don't know, Nessy, or Nessie as it is sometimes spelled, is a stuffed animal that according to tradition belongs to Wattson. From lore, Nessy becomes a sort of mascot for the game. There were also other Nessy charms before this season: a simple Nessy charm, a pirate Nessy for Halloween, a birthday Nessy for the anniversary of the game, etc. Nessy can even to be bought in real life like plush in several sizes.

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Having Nessy charms be the theme of the season differs from the usual relationship to the new Legend that the charms often have. However, with the huge sand of Wattson and Nessy charms around, maybe this really is Wattson's season after all.

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