Riven co-founder and composer returns for remake after 27 years

Cyan Worlds has announced some new content for its old-school point-and-click adventure remake of Riven: Sequel to Myst. In the press release, we finally get some more details on some of the new music to go along with the added puzzles and lore we can expect some time in 2024.

Robyn Miller is creating new music for the remake of Riven

Originally announced in 2022 as a full recreation of the seminal adventure title Riven, it looks like the Riven remake will make some welcome changes to the original. Along with a handful of “new puzzles” and “expanded storylines” according to the press release, Cyan will also add an all-new, four-part soundtrack, brought to us longtime fans by the original creator of the Riven soundtrack. : Robyn Miller.

The original Riven was released in 1997 as a sequel to probably the most important title in video game history: Myst. It was lovingly created by the brothers Robyn and Rand Miller along with a talented team. Because Riven used real photos instead of computer generated textures in Riven, this gorgeous point and click title still holds up nearly 30 years after its release. Both Riven and Myst were so fundamental that they changed the way puzzles were created for over a decade, even influencing some modern titles like The Witness.

In 2021, Cyan released a remake of the original Myst, then decided on a full recreation of Riven back in 2022. Original creators Rand Miller and Richard Vander Wende teamed up for the project, and they are now joined by Robyn Miller who is working on about the new songs that will be added to the beautiful and haunting original score.

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“Writing the music for Riven was a blast. I hope fans like the additions,” Robyn Miller says in a press release about her contributions. “I tried to evoke the sounds of the original music but I wrote for a medium that is unique and stands apart from the original Riven. This piece had to fulfill that and, somehow, speak another musical language.” This new song is just one of a four-part song, and you can hear this new composition in the YouTube video below.

The meeting of Rand and Robyn Miller and Richard Vander Wende also provided a unique opportunity to have a roundtable discussion about not only the Riven remake, but the original games as well. For the first time in nearly three decades, Cyan's dream team came together to chat music, lore, Myst, and the massive legacy of one of the most influential game series of all time. Watch the video below to see some highlights.

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