Roblox Doors Floor 2 The Mines – Release Date and Leaks

Besides the Blox Fruits Update 24, the most anticipated update for a Roblox game this year has to be the Doors Floor 2. So, if you are a Doors player and want to be among the first to know some exclusive leaks about the game, such as release dates or upcoming content, you are in the right place on the internet!

All Doors Floor 2 The Mines Update Leaks

After teasing the community for almost two yearsthe developer Lsplash has finally released a trailer for its most awaited update for its game called Doors Floor 2 The Mines. Although it’s a small trailer that lasts less than a minute, it shows various glimpses of the upcoming content. First, as many people predicted, the teaser confirms that the elevator of the protagonist is broken and hits directly to the bottom where the mines are located. Apart from that, the teaser also shows the various areas of the mines and the mysterious entities in them.

Talking about the gameplay, I feel that it will be very similar to the current game where players have to find a way out to the mine by exploring mine sections, finding essential items and avoiding the dangerous creatures roaming in the mines.

What is the release date for the Roblox Doors Floor 2 The Mines Update?

There is no fixed release date for Doors Floor 2 The Mines. However, the main gameplay/launch trailer released in late July 2024 may contain an exact release date for the update. However, if you’re looking for a tentative release date, I’d say the game update should be released somewhere in between August and October 2024, based on community rumors and talks.

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