Rockstar Games cracks down on controversial CEO names in GTA Online

Ever since GTA Online was released, the citizens of Los Santos have had the freedom to assign any name to their CEO organization. But it seems that Rockstar Games is now blocking controversial names, specifically after the release of the Bottom Dollar Bounties update.

This came to light when Reddit user “7joetaylor” reported that the game developers added censorship to the CEO’s names. The user assigned an offensive name “Drugs ‘n’ Stuff” to his in-game organization, which mysteriously disappeared after eight long years, right after the arrival of the recent update.

As a result, the name of the organization was reset automatically to “Organization” and the user encountered an error when trying to include the offending keyword “Drugs” in the name of the organization.

However, not everyone is in favor of this decision as some players have pointed out the irony that the game allows you to engage in illegal activities such as drug dealing, prostitution and violence, while censoring organization names. They also noticed that a bunch of new words were added to the chat censorship list, including profanity in several languages.

Although this is not the first time that GTA Online developers have banned offensive words, it is surprising that Rockstar also bans terms that are not actually bad. Words like Mininova, Piratebay, Demonoid, and other piracy-related terms are also banned within the game.

So far, we know that players are encountering errors when trying to use annoying names in GTA Online. Rockstar Games will probably start imposing bans on players who repeatedly try to assign offensive names to their CEO organizations or use banned words in server chat. So simply put – Rockstar is serious about player swearing in GTA Online, even if it doesn’t hold itself to the same standard.

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