Royale High Halo Answers 2024 Blooming Halo (Entangled Vines)

It's spring, and Roblox Royale High Experience has unveiled its new floral halo to celebrate the season. So, if you're lining up at the Fountain of Dreams to try your luck, here's a quick guide to the Royale High Halo 2024 Bloom answers.

All correct answers of Royale High Halo – 2024 Blooming Halo

Like every other halo that came before, you have to answer all the questions in the storyline to have a chance to win the halo. Below is a chart detailing everything I know about the different stories that can be heard at the Fountain and the answers to them. So, according to the story, try to select the +halo option from the options and try to get your hands on the halo, which has a fraud rarity of less than 0.1%.

Remember that the answers to the questions may change from time to time. Bookmark the article to learn the correct and updated answer before making a wish at the Fountain.

Royale High Spring Flowering Halo Stories – Source Answers

Story and Creator Option A Option B Option C Option D
Arboriculture Competition (
+ Nothing +XP +Diamonds
NA (stars4cali)
NA (horrors)
Head Mistress Cleaning (Mr_Vampz) + Nothing + Nothing
Flower for Bunny (freyasxo7 / NotBobinsky) +Diamonds -Diamonds
NA (nooothan/T4YZR3V1VAL)
NA (3KitCat)
NA (Spudder26) +Diamonds
NA (It6uki)
NA (rose blue)
NA (r3pressure)
NA (stiffness)
NA (M_xilly / Nelsiep)
NA (Sammyloop11) +Diamonds -Diamonds
NA (JULDIOOI / rheemuah)

I will update the table with more stories and their relevant answers as new ones become available. Please share your thoughts in the comment section if anything needs to be added.

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How to make a wish at the Fountain of Dreams in Royale High

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

To get the halo, you must make a wish by answering the question according to your plot provided at the Fountain of Dreams. The Fountain of Dreams is in front of the main entrance. Go near it and interact with the statue to start the plot. Answer correctly according to your story appropriately to make a wish at the end and get a chance to win the halo.

How long will the Blooming Halo of 2024 be active in Royale High?

Studying past halo release date patterns, I predict that the Blooming halo will remain within Royale High for at least the next two months until the release of the Summer halo in July 2024. However, these are my predictions, and the actual date may increase or will increase even decreases depending on the decision of the developers and their overall roadmap for the game.

What does the Blooming Halo of 2024 look like?

  • A person wearing the Blooming halo 2024 in Roblox Royale High
  • Image of Blooming Halo 2024 in Roblox Royale High

The Blooming Halo of 2024 is unique because of its bright green design, which does not match any previous color design. The halo looks like a green crown with white flower petals. The front part also has three diamond-shaped metal pieces that look like they are made of emeralds and highlight the entire halo. Also, the halo can change colors into pink, gold and purple versions. I loved the new halo and would love your opinion in the comment section.

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