Scorn's first grotesque puzzle revealed in gameplay trailer

Ebb Software has given fans an up close and perhaps too personal look at the grotesque world of Scorn. Plus, players get their first look at one of the many puzzles they'll encounter in this bizarre flesh maze.

Ebb Software uploaded a long gameplay walkthrough of Scorn's prologue. In it, players wake up to find themselves in a strange world of flesh, metal and nightmares. The immersive world of Scorn is truly the stuff of horrors, but in a way that leaves you unable to turn away.

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We won't go into details about the puzzle for those who want to keep Scorn intact, but your wits and sanity will be tested as it requires you to navigate a grotesque environment, interact with strange tools and put yourself in uncomfortable situations. But know that Scorn does not hold your hand, and it is up to you to discover the rules of this world and master its puzzles.

Watch the prologue trailer for an in-depth look, or wait until October 21, 2022 and experience Scorn's hellscape for yourself. Either way, get ready for terrifying and solving adventures in this strange world.

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