Should you choose Wise or Belle (male or female MC) in Zenless Zone Zero?

Making a decision between two MCs is always difficult, but the choice looks a little different in ZZZ. Check out below if you should choose Wise or Belle in Zenless Zone Zero.

Should you choose the male or female MC in ZZZ?

Choosing between the male and female MC is a difficult choice in many gacha games, including ZZZ. The point is that once you choose, you can never change it. This is a feature that players have been asking for in games like Honkai, but Mihoyo has yet to implement it.

We are stuck with only one MC, be it Smart or Beauty. I regretted my choice of MC in Genshin, so now I look at every detail to make this very important decision. What are the differences between the two MCs?

For starters, both Wise and Belle are cannon in the game. They are siblings, brother and sister (of different ages), who own Random Play together. This is already quite a change compared to all the other Mihoyo games, where only one of the two MCs has a big impact on the story.

Which sibling you choose will be the one you to investigate the city with You also cannot explore with any of the Agents as they are reserved for combat only. The another sibling (whichever you didn’t choose) will take a role similar to Paimon, NPC with whom you interact and talk a lot.

In addition to that, the MCs will not fight, which is definitely weird and takes some time to get used to at first. I have a tendency to keep Stella on my team in HSR, for example. And not only because she is powerful but also because I like having the main character fighting in battles. That will not be the case in Zenless Zone Zero.

With no difference in fighting styles, different move sets and ultimates, it really depends on who you want to be. running around with, who you want to hear speaking more (although the dialogue of the MC is also voiced), and whose personality you like more

Since I went with Stella in HSR, I’ll probably go with Wise this round, and hopefully, I won’t regret it. Think about Belle and Wise’s looks, voices and personalities, then make the unfortunately unchangeable choice.

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