Sole Leveling ARISE Banner and Compassion Guide

Solo Leveling: ARISE has a gacha system where you can pull for rare characters and weapons. Here's everything you need to know about the game's banners, rates, and mercy system to help you plan your pulls and save enough currency for your favorite waifus and spouses.

How Selection Draw works in Solo Leveling ARISE

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The Selection Draw consists of both characters and weapons in a common pool. It requires you to choose four SSR characters or weapons to put on speed, which increases your chances of getting them. Even though the rate to get the optional units is double, you are still not guaranteed to get them, too bad.

Additionally, there is no way to put SRs in the tax-up bracket, but the overall chances of getting them are much higher.

A rarity Total Rate Standard Rate (item specific) Alt rate (specific item)
Mr 8,800% 0.251%
SSR 1,200% 0.060% 0.150%

The overall rate indicates your chances of getting either SR or SSR from the banner, while the standard and boosted rates refer to your chances of getting a particular character or weapon. For example, you have an 8,800% chance of getting SR with each pull. If you manage to win an SR, there is a 0.251% chance for it to be a particular character or weapon from the list (ie SR Park Heejin, SR Frostbite Falchion, etc).

Also, there is a 1,200% chance to get SSR with each pull. If you win the lottery, there is a 0.060% chance of getting a character or weapon not on rate-up and a 0.150% chance of getting one on rate-up.

Sole Leveling: ARISE Selection Draw mercy system

Solo Leveling: ARISE Selection Draw results
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Solo Leveling: ARISE uses a “house” system that indicates the number of pulls you need to do to get a guaranteed SSR.

  • SR: 10 pulls
  • SSR Hard Pity: 80 pulls
  • SSR Gentle mercy: 64 pulls

Hard mercy indicates the number of pulls required to guarantee SSR. Meanwhile, the soft mercy indicates the number of draws you have to make before the chance of getting SSR increases significantly (+ 5.8% chance for a draw from the 64th pull forward). It's a useful number to remember for free players, as it can save you some Draw Tickets. I recommend doing big 10 pulls until you reach a soft mercy to save time, then do single pulls as there is a very high chance you will get SSR between 64 to 79 pulls.

80 draw damage doesn't mean you have to draw 80 times to get SSR; it simply means that if you weren't lucky enough to get an SSR in your first 79 draws. Then the 80th pull is guaranteed to be an SSR. If you manage to get SSR in less than 80 pulls, the mercy counter will reset. For example, if you get an SSR in 20 pulls, your next SSR is not guaranteed at 60 pulls, but at 80 pulls.

Additionally, if you fail to draw for an SSR from the four you selected, the next SSR you receive is guaranteed to be one of the four (25% chance of being one of each).

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