Sols RNG Traveling Merchant Mari Location and Respawn Times

The Traveling Merchant, Mari, is the other NPC added along with the Jester to Sols RNG in the Age 8 update. So, if you are trying to buy some items from this merchant and need to know his location, don’t worry. Here is a detailed guide on his location and spawn time.

Where to find Traveling Merchant Mari in Solo’s RNG

Unlike Jester, there is no fixed respawn for the Traveling Merchant Mari in Sols RNG. So, how do you locate Mari? Well, there is great evidence of it. Whenever Mari is will appear on the map, a giant blue lightning will fall on the map. This is the clue to her rebirth on the map. So, go to the place where the lightning struck the ground, and you will find Mari. Usually, these flashes occur at the edge of the map. Remember that she can spawn on all biomes, and the same lightning principle applies everywhere.

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After giving birth, she will remain only for 2 to 3 minutes before disappearing again. Also, the items she sells are pretty random and change from time to time. Sometimes, she can sell mixed potions, while other times, you can find lucky or fast potions. Make a decision quickly and shop quickly as soon as she is born.

Traveling Merchant Mari Respawn Times

Just like the location, Mari does not have a fixed rebirth time. But from my gaming experience and community observation, Mari tends to spawn everyone 15 minutes to 1 hour. So, see the chat settings of the server to know the last respawn time and calculate the next one. Remember, these are rough estimates, and the actual time may vary by a slight amount.

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