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If you love all-vs-one and team-based Roblox horror games, Spider has probably been on your must-play radar. If you’re a little lost on what to do, read on for my Roblox Spider walkthrough.

Roblox Spider walkthrough and guide

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In Roblox horror game, Spider, you will usually plays as a survivor trying to escape from, you guessed it, a deadly giant spider. To do this, you must search the house and its grounds to find specific items, and eventually escape in a boat that is locked behind a gate. As a survivor, you will have three tasks to complete, as a group, if you want to escape.

How to enter the shed in Spider

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Required: The Green Key

You will need to find the Green Key in the house to be able to unlock the shed in Spider. unfortunately, the green key has no specific location so you will have to hunt for it. The bedroom upstairs is a good place to start and I’ve found it there a few times, but it could be anywhere.

If you find it and take the Green Key, all you have to do next is click on the shed door while holding the Green Key. Note that there is only one green key, so only one player can have it at any one time, so if you take it, let your teammates know. Pay close attention to chat so that if someone else takes it, you can move on to the next target.

How to enter the bunker in Spider

Inside the bunker in Roblox Spider
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Required: C4, Key

Entering the bunker in Spider is a two-step process. First, you need to blow up the bunker door with some C4. After this, you must use a a key disable the lasers that prevent you from entering.

You will find that the C4 is usually in the attic which can only be accessed by moving the a ladder under the loft hatch and using the time there. Much like the green key, both the ladder and the key are items that can be found anywhere. Pay attention to both. If you already have an item and see another, let people know in chat. Anything you can do to speed things up gives the spider less time to stop your plans.

Use the C4 on the bunker to blow it up. Next, use the key in the entrance of the bunker to take out the lasers.

How to open the gate in Spider

In front of the gate in Roblox Spider
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Required: Crowbar, Battery, The Yellow Key, The Purple Key

You will find the metal gate behind the house. If you don’t have a communications team, it’s useful to watch the gate. This is because you can see what has been achieved by looking at the lights on either side of the gate.

  • If the left light is green, it means your team entered the bunker and flipped the switch there
  • If the correct light is green, the survivors have unlocked the shed and turned on its switch

To remove the boards covering the gate, you will need to use the crowbar on them. This can be found in the house sometimes but it is also often found in the shed.

Next, you need to operate the gate, which is made by pressing the two switches (in the bunker and the shed) and then connecting the battery. Again the battery is a random item I found in the house but also in the bunker. When you have the battery, put it in the battery port inside the shed.

Finally, you will need the purple key. This can be found in the safe in the bunker which itself can only be opened with the yellow key. You will usually find the yellow key in the shed.

Once power has been restored to the gate, you can use the purple key to open it. You will see a boat on the other side of the gate. To complete the game, all you need to do is reach it and click it for a cutscene. Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first chapter of The Spider. Hopefully, more maps will follow, but that’s all, for now.

Other useful Spider walking tips and tricks

Find the key in Roblox Spider
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As long as your main goals are clear, there are other items to find and things to do that can also be very useful to help the team.

  • The crowbar: The crowbar is required to break through the planks on the gate, but it can also be used to remove the planks on the second floor of the house. This gives you access to the safe.
  • The orange key: If someone has gained your team access to the safe, it can then be opened with the orange key. This is worth doing, because inside you will find a few spider spray. This is used to slow down the spider and give you some breathing room while you search for the essential items.
  • spiders: Avoid at all costs! Spider will be stun yourself for 5 seconds if affected.

Playing Roblox Spider as the spider

The spider putting cobwebs in Roblox Spider
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If you are chosen to be the spider, your job is eliminate the survivors before the time is running out or they escape. Speed ​​is your main asset, as you can move faster than the survivors.

You can’t be killed and you have too spiders that you can leave as traps to stun survivors. Leave them outside the important locations noted above, monitor them and capture any survivors you find. Finally, note that as the spider you can move across any surface including walls and ceilings, which can help you cut corners on the map and surprise your enemies.

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