Tears of Themis Episode 11 – Cocoon Research Prosecutor

Rising suspicions pull you into a ragtag web of investigations full of false identities and secrets among the NXX. Tears of Themis Episode 11 – Cocoon forces you to look into the psychologically complicated death of Letha Graye as the NXX investigative team plays their own psychological warfare against one of their own.

Episode 11 consists of two parts and includes an extremely long investigation with no trial. In this Episode, Vyn Richter will conveniently accompany you on field investigations.

All Quiz answers in Episode 11 – Cocoon (I) & (II) in Tears of Themis

Episode 11 – Cocoon is split into two parts, but I've combined them below, so this walkthrough will cover both Main Story Episodes.

11-8 – Inspection

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Starting your investigation with Vyn, you go to the temporary home inhabited by Jill Meadows, the caretaker who lived with the recently deceased Letha Graye. Doing so will prompt an inspection round where you must check Letha's earphone, cufflinksand cane. While examining her cuffs and earpiece, choose the following answers.

A question Answer
A device that works in the ear Hearing aid
The number of cuff stitches Contact Number

11-11 – Analysis

After completing the police documents, Vyn allows you to ask questions, giving you the opportunity to analyze the suspicious testimony of Jill Meadows.

  • Question #1: Jill Meadows was unable to fulfill her duties as a live-in nanny because…
    • Connections:
      • Jill Meadows – Disabled
      • Jill Meadows – Hearing
  • Question #2: Hugo Graye's decision to hire Jill Meadows contradicted his previous statement because…
    • Connections:
      • Hugo Graye – Grumpy
      • The Duties of a Live-in Nanny

11-13 – Research & Analysis

Tears of Themis episode 11 Letha Graye room investigation
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In this segment, you and Vyn will have the opportunity to explore Letha Graye's room with the supervision of Darius Morgan. Click on the following items (circled in the image above) to get clues.

  • Abandoned animal box
  • Jar of lollipops
  • A pile of papers on the floor
  • A pink box with men's accessories on the shelf
  • Cup on the table
  • Urine stain on the sheets
  • Place where the body was found

The investigation is cut short after Darius Morgan receives a phone call about obtaining new information from the police department. You must rule out the possibility of simple murder using the following connections.

  • Question: Letha Graye had many chances to survive because…
    • Connections:
      • Pesticide toxicity
      • Unlocked Door

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11-16 – Questioning

After bombarding reporters, Vyn will quietly meet you in his car. He will tell you about the kidnapping victim, Angela Diggs, and ask you what doesn't make sense in your discussion. Answer with The Place of the Pesticide.


In this segment, you and Vyn will rush to the convenience store where Albie has been causing trouble to help Ogier keep tabs on the shopkeeper. You'll have to choose between defending Albie or arguing with the shopkeeper, but you can select any option without affecting the flow of the story.

11-29 – Analysis

Vyn meets with you in a cafe to report on Hygo Graye's autopsy report, which temporarily allays suspicions of his involvement in the possible murder. In addition, with the confirmation of Albie of the identity of Hugo Graye, you begin to hypothesize the possibility that the Hugo Graye who kidnapped Angela Briggs and the one who lived with Letha Graye are two different people. You must analyze the evidence and find connections to support your theory.

  • Question #1: The person who kidnapped Angela Diggs was not Hugo Graye because…
    • Connections:
      • The talkative kidnapper
      • Hygo Graye – Reticence
  • Question #2: Letha Graye accepted Hugo Graye because…
    • Connections:
      • The truth of the argument
      • Hugo Graye – Standing for Justice


In this segment, you and Vyn go to the bar where Mavis Sutcliffe once served as a waitress. While extorting information from the bartender, Vyn will signal for you to take over the conversation. You will be given the option to bluff or take a risk. you can select any option without changing the course of the story, although the dialogue will be slightly different for each choice.


To your surprise, Marius von Hagen plays the rich entrepreneur who makes transactions with girls from the bar. At the random meeting, you will be given the option to either inform Vyn of the situation or wait and see. you can select any option without changing the story.

11-34 – Questioning

After Marius is gone, you and Vyn break down the information you gathered regarding Mavis Sutcliffe. After determining that she wasn't after Angela Briggs, you have to consider who she was really trying to kidnap. Answer with Letha Graye.

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11-36 – Research

Letha Graye room Tears of Themis survey
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In this segment, you get permission to explore Letha Graye's room for a second time with Vyn. You need to focus on finding paper trails and checking places you might have missed the first time. Click on all the items listed below to complete the investigation. They are also circled in the image above if you can't find them.

  • A laptop computer
  • Notebook
  • Books on the shelf
  • Dream Catcher (examine the scented bag and the dream catcher itself)
  • Oil painting of a pagoda tree
  • Closet

11-45 – Questioning

Analyzing Jill Meadows' testimony with Vyn, your conversation turns to Mavis Sutcliffe. Vyn asks you why Letha Graye would panic and stammer whenever Mavis' name was mentioned. Answer with Letha Graye didn't remember.

11-29 – Analysis

While walking with Vyn at the park, you discuss Letha Graye's strange behavior and come up with a bold hypothesis that she might be suffering from some kind of amnesia. Support your hypothesis by linking the following clues.

  • Question #1: What unusual changes occurred in Letha Graye in the time leading up to the case?
    • Connections:
      • Change of Personality
      • Plummering Degrees

To continue the thought of Letha Graye's amnesia, you discover that the second autopsy report revealed that she suffered from viral encephalitis, a disease that affects the cranial nerve. Use the following connections to find clues that might support the findings.

  • Question #2: Letha Graye had been feeling physical discomfort for a long time. It is suspected that the cause of the brain disease was…
    • Connections:
      • Internet search history
      • Wetting Behavior

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