The Extension Ladder is broken in Lethal Company v55 beta, and fans hope it’s just a bug

Lethal Company version 55 is in the beta branch of Steam, showing off all the new content that came with the update. However, the beta version also shows an Extension ladder bug which the players are not too happy about.

The Extension Ladder is an extremely useful tool that you can purchase from the Company store on the ship for 60 credits. It’s not too expensive, and you can get it after you’ve sold loot to the company for the first time.

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You can use the ladder to climb places, but its main use is actually to cross holes in the facilities. All you have to do is activate it and line it up with the pole on the other side to easily cross over. This is perfect for people who always die jumping over holes like this (that would be me).

Players don’t usually go to Titan without Extension ladders. This item helps you drop all the loot to the ground without having to climb up and down multiple times on a dangerous moon (something that is made especially worse by the players’ stamina).

Another thing the ladder came in handy for was killing enemies or even your teammates with the best bonk sound effect. Some people even engaged in a fun game of activating several ladders at once and seeing who would be the last one standing.

Overall, the Extension ladder was both a useful tool and a tool of chaos. However, it seems to be broken in version 55. The video of a Reddit user timoshi17 shows that one can no longer walk on the ladder. Instead, you can just climb it. I have personally confirmed this in my own game as well.

This now means that the only way you can use the extension ladder is the “correct” way, by placing it against something and climbing up. This really sucks the fun out of the item. It was great to “break” when players were able to figure out new ways to use it to improve the game. And the fact that there is no bonk effect anymore makes me extremely disappointed.

One thing that brings us all hope is the fact that Zeekerss (developer of Lethal Company) has not mentioned this change anywhere, leading us to believe that it is a bug. I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I know I’ll be at the bottom of every hole without it.

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