The next FFXIV Live Letter will be part of a 14-hour show on October 7th

The Final Fantasy XIV Producer's Live Letter, or Live Letters, is the best way to catch what's happening in the next FFXIV patch. And Square Enix has just revealed details of the next edition.

On October 7th, the Producer's Letter LIVE Part LXXIII will air as part of a huge 14-hour live show that Square Enix is ​​hosting on FFXIV. The stream will both reflect on patch 6.2, and address everything to expect in patch 6.25, the upcoming second part of the 6.2 update cycle.

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During the event, presenters Naoki Yoshida (Yoshi P), the game's producer, and Toshio Murouchi, the games' global community manager, will collaborate with several story designer guests to break down these two major patches.

Last time, the Life Letter gave us a deep insight into exactly how the 6.2 patch will play out. This time around, we're expecting the first solid details on elements like the new Relic Weapons, the new Hildebrand quests, and more.

As always, the Life Letters are not to be missed, and this October edition is no different!

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