The Starfield May update finally allows players to fast travel in cities

Navigating the stars in Bethesda’s Starfield may be a cosmically smooth experience, but the same hasn’t been said for the game’s on-planet travel mechanics. However, thanks to the long-awaited May update, things are finally moving in the right direction with a new feature that allows players to fast travel in the game’s big cities.

How to fast travel in the Starfield May update

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Thanks to May’s big update, Starfield players can now fast travel around the planet in two new ways: with the Scanner or the Surface Map.

To do it with yours Scanner, pull it up while in a city location and multiple “points of interest” signs will appear, indicating locations such as vendors, bars, quest-related buildings, and district areas. With your cursor placed on one of those markers, it will be option to “Fast Travel” to it at the bottom of the HUD.

With the Surface Mappull it up with the Star Map in your Character Menu as you normally would. The Surface Map itself has actually been completely revamped as well, showing a detailed geographic view of everything in the perimeter where you’ve landed. It will also show the same ‘interesting’ icons as on your Scannerand you can use those to fast travel to any desired location.

Rediscovering points of interest in Starfield
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However, there is a small caveat to this new feature: to make full use of this new on-planet fast travel system, you will have to find all the points of interest in a given place. Upon pulling up the Scanner or Surface Map, all markers are initially grayed out, and the game will indicate that they have not yet been discovered. We still don’t know if this is intentional or maybe a fresh bug (it’s Bethesda) that affects it. We will update this article as soon as we know more.

Still, this is definitely a big step in the right direction for Starfield’s navigation mechanics, considering how spotty they were before. Just having the streetcar to travel between general districts in New Atlantis felt inconvenient, while Akila had nothing like that and neither did Neon City, of all places.

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