The Strongest Battlefields Battle Strategy Guide

Understanding how to fight properly is the key to winning consecutive victories in a difficult game like The Strongest Battlefields. So, here is The Ultimate Battlegrounds Fighting Strategy Guide for all beginners or intermediate players to improve your game.

How to get good at The Strongest Battlegrounds – Tips and Tricks

Mastering the basics of the game is not just a stepping stone but a powerful tool to win battles in The Strongest Battlegrounds. Here is a comprehensive list of Tips and Tricks that any player, regardless of their level, can follow to gain an advantage in the game.

Choosing your character

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It's almost 15 characters in The Strongest Battlefields, and all are incredibly unique in combat ability. So pick one character that suits your playstyle and keep grinding/practicing that character to master it. For example, if you play aggressively, go for something like Destructive Cyborg, while if you play somewhat defensively/strategically, The Deadly Ninja can do wonders. Sticking with one Character is essential to mastering, as you will learn how to react with that hero in every situation.

At the same time, you should play other characters sometimes to get an understanding of the rest of the heroes as well. How will you fight your enemies if you don't learn about them? So, watch out for other characters; play them after patch updates.

Understanding the gear

Learn the full potential of your characters. To do this, you should know the weaknesses and strengths of your hero. There isn't a single hero in The Strongest Battlefields that doesn't have a weakness. So, learn the Character's weakness to mask it properly during battle. For example, The Deadly Ninja gear is weak up close. So, staying in the middle and just getting close to your opponent while starting a combo is always a better strategy when playing The Deadly Ninja. Small things will help you play much better.

Learning Combos

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Like most fighting games, the critical factor distinguishing a novice from a pro is the use of combos. There are dozens of combos for every Character in the game. Learn and practice these combos to deal consistent damage to the players without worrying about the next move.

Also, don't repeat your combos during battle. If your opponent catches the pattern, they can counter it, reducing the effectiveness. Don't be predictable; mix it up to make your enemy second guess.

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Timing and Withdrawal

The old man hits an opponent in The Strongest Battlefields
Image via Roblox The Strongest Battlefields

I have seen many players who spam all the keys on their keyboards as soon as the match starts. Fighting in The Strongest Battlefields is not about offense or striking; it's more about timing and properly retreating as a defense. This is not taught; you can only learn to enter/exit combat after gaining experience. Start watching the battles of other veteran players on the Discord channel to learn about these aspects of the game.

Choosing your input preference

Many players overlook the input preference in The Strongest Battlefields. According to veterans, using a Keyboard and Mouse or a Playpad is the best way to play the game. I'm sorry, mobile users. If you want to challenge the leaderboards, please switch to the prescribed input preference. The main reason is that it is much easier and faster to perform combos on a keyboard or gamepad than on a mobile setup. If you are starting out, use these peripherals to become the best.

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