Treasure location of “Photo covered with scratches” (Map) in Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is full of secrets and puzzles, and it does a great job of rewarding you for solving them. One such mystery is finding the treasure of “Photo covered with scratches”; this guide will help you find the treasure and the picture needed to get it.

Where to find the treasure “Photo covered with scratches” at Tiger Maw’s Mine in Wuthering Waves

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To find the ‘Photo covered in scratches’ treasure, go to the fast travel point on the upper right side of the Tiger’s Maw Mine. From here, you’ll want to climb the marked hill, where you’ll also find a Resonant Chest. Right where you pick the Sound Box, you’ll get an indicator to dig and uncover the treasure.

Looting a Standard Supply Chest in WuWa
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Once you do that, there will be a Standard Supply Box, and looting it will get you 20 Union XP points, 10 Astrite, 3,000 Shell Credits, and 1 Medium Energy Core. If you don’t already have the ‘Photo Covered with Scratches’ in your inventory, you cannot discover and loot that treasure chest. If that’s the case, here’s where you can find it.

Location of “Photo covered with scratches” in Wuthering Waves

To get your hands on the ‘Photo covered in scratches’, head over to the Thorn Passage near the Big Banyan. From here, look for the marked fast travel point where you need to climb up. At this fast travel point, you will see a campfire. The “Photo covered with scratches” can be found on top of the wooden chest there, along with the “New photo” and ‘Photo Stained with Blood.’

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