Tycoon RNG Trello and Discord Links

Your main goal in Tycoon RNG is to get droppers, upgrades and removers using RNG mechanics. Although it may sound simple, you have to rely on Trello and Discord channels for other aspects. That’s why I put together a quick summary of Tycoon RNG Trello and Discord links.

What is the Tycoon RNG Trello Link?

The Tycoon RNG Trello board is a one-stop destination to learn about every aspect of the game such as auras, cubes, mechanics, drop rates, etc. The best part is developers update this board regularly, so you will find the latest information here. But if that’s not the case, you can always find more information here on Pro Game Guides.

How to use Tycoon RNG Trello

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As mentioned before, this Trello board is useful for anyone who finds the new player experience confusing and would like a summary of the game’s mechanics.

You will discover a lot of information categorized into easy-to-find columns:

  • Info: The basics of the game divided into cards like tips, Meteors color, game pass, math, and more.
  • Updates: Latest Tycoon RNG update patch notes.
  • Auras: Special item recipes that give various benefits to your character.
  • Cubes: Cubes are collectible items that provide various boosts and improvements for your tycoon.
  • Features: Change the performance of your Tycoon
    • Overclock Feature: Multiplies the original value by 10
    • Golden Feature: Multiplies the original value by 25
    • Negative Feature: Multiplies the original value by 250

What is the Tycoon RNG Discord Link?

Joining the Tycoon RNG Discord is pretty easy. click on this Discord invite link, and you will become a member of the server. Here, you can meet other new, veteran players with whom you can discuss doubts about the game and learn various new game techniques.

How to use Tycoon RNG Discord

Tycoon RNG Discord server overview
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The prominent channels to monitor are updates, patch notes, and previews. By visiting them regularly, you will stay informed about all game updates. If you encounter technical problems, the help channel is the place to go for advice or to find solutions to similar problems that others have had.

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