Type Soul’s latest update wants you to forget Hakuda weapons

Much was expected from the latest Type Soul update, but the developers still managed to surprise fans with a new Shikai and one Mythical universal weapon. But what was a surprise was a rework of Soulreaper’s melee attacks. Say goodbye to Hakuda weapons and welcome to new fighting styles!

The new approach to Reaper’s melee attacks was unexpected but welcomed, as it will introduce new, interesting mechanics. The Formless fighting style was the first to be introduced, with more to come in future updates. Although it might be difficult to get them, you will now definitely have more reasons to play the game.

In addition to introducing fighting styles, the Type Soul update added new Mythical Shikai/Bankai—Duality and Kyokasuigetsu. It is interesting to note that Duality has 11 moves, playing the yin-yang dual-class trick. The new update also implements a lot of nerfs and buffs, making Type Soul a more polished Roblox experience.

Interestingly, Arrogante parta res was nerfed because it was too dominant. Arrogant cooldowns have been greatly increased, making it much more difficult to use special moves. Vizard has also been nerfed, with the Rising Swallow ability taking the biggest hit. It now deals less damage, while its stun effect has been reduced from .7 to .1. Reducing stun effect has been a trend in this Type Soul update as the Wind Crown’s stun effect is also significantly reduced from 2s to .8s.

With so many new special moves, weapons and fighting styles, we’re sure more balance changes are coming soon. One of the main candidates for future nerfs is the Yamato Mythical weapon, which seems too fast. As for the new Shikai/Bankai, it will take time and a deeper analysis of PvP battles to determine if Duality and Kyokasuigetsu require any changes (for better or worse).

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