Unknown YouTuber is the first to beat Shadow of the Erdtree bosses at level 1

LastDarkHope, a fairly obscure YouTuber with only 1.31k subscribers at the time of writing, casually takes on and defeats several Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree bosses – all while staying at rune level 1 and also not upgrading any equipment at all. I am surprised.

This YouTuber has been casually streaming his Elden Ring DLC ​​escapades for the past week, with somehow no video surpassing 100 views. I’m probably blowing up this person’s place, but honestly, they deserve it. The video above shows them soloing Shadow of the Erdtree’s golden Hippopotamus boss, one of the expansion’s countless punishing bosses, and beating it at Rune Level 1 with no forge stones used to upgrade any weapons. That makes this achievement a world first. Not bad.

LastDarkHope seems to use Shadow of the Erdtree’s infamous Scadutree Fragments, which only concern the DLC content but provide damage negation and damage increases that are significant enough to mention. But all signs – including most everyone struggling even at level 120+ with decorated builds and FromSoftware recently buffing fragments – point to them being essential to completion (even for players like this), so it’s pretty understandable.

What’s most remarkable to me, though, is how LastDarkHope takes on these bosses and enemy mobs with such calmness and poise, and in such a surprisingly short amount of time. It took them less than five minutes to defeat a Golden Hippo, while the Furnace Golem in Shadow Keep seen above only took them seven minutes. There is nothing like doing things with style and grace to leave me impressed. Hats off to you, LastDarkHope. Keep up the good fight.

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