Updated Last Age roadmap includes dodge, transmog, and two-headed dragon

ARPG Last Epoch has been in need of a new roadmap since its spectacular launch (server issues aside) back in February, and it's finally here.

A bit like Diablo 4 (but not nearly as bad), one of my few complaints about this title is the lack of endgame content. It's hard to compete with Path of Exile, which has been adding big expansions every 3-4 months for almost a decade now, but from a player's perspective, that hardly matters. Fortunately, boss content is coming next cycle (1.1) as you may have already heard whispered about, giving fans more opportunities to test the mettle of their builds. From the looks of the artwork, you can expect to face off against at least some kind of dragon-type character, and a beefcake with a hammer, which probably makes up for something.

The other major addition in 1.1 is a dodge roll mechanic. It wouldn't be surprising if developer Eleventh Hour Games might go this route after being inspired by Path of Exile 2 and seeing how much dynamism it adds to combat. It will be interesting to see if they rework combat (especially boss fights) and/or rebalance anything to accommodate it. Either way, I'm pumped to roll around the battlefield.

Beyond 1.1, there's a lot in store: endgame events and uniques (which seems to involve a two-headed dragon boss to farm), a new campaign chapter (yay, a longer campaign… no), an expanded Monolith of Fate, Ability. Sigils (which seem to resemble masterpieces familiar to Path of Exile players), and a transmog/dye system, among other things.

Most exciting in my mind are all the new bosses and also the Monolith of Fate expansion. Both are sure to excite fans new and old, as there are only so many coins you can grind before you want to put your head through the monitor.

Interestingly, the studio is considering delaying the release of bosses to modes other than Online, in order to maintain the spirit of competition for events. It's not hard to see why — games like Path of Exile regularly see players start up their Standard character (which keeps lifetime progress) and immediately shortcut to the new boss for “practice” before trying it for real, which is kind of buzzkill. for both competitors and spectators. The downside is good, competitors can't practice, but this will probably just mean they prepare better. It should be well worth the excitement, but regardless, Eleventh Hour hosts a an inquiry to see how the congregation feels (bless their hearts).

Last Epoch debuted to a whopping 264,708 players when it was first released, and that was amid server issues (the offline mode certainly came in handy). It has since dropped sharply to around 7,000, no doubt in part due to the release of new content on the part of its competitors, but also the aforementioned lack of an endgame to keep players hooked. It will certainly be fun to see how high the numbers get with each subsequent expansion, and if it can keep up some compelling updates on the Diablo and Path of Exile fronts.

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