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Call of Duty: Warzone has been an ever-popular battle royale experience since its release in 2020 and has received regular updates through a lifetime service model since that adds new maps, mechanics and weapons. The game shares assets with CoD Multiplayer and prioritizes boots-on-the-ground warfare, which is preferred by the majority of the game’s fan base.

What is the Warzone Trello link?

Trello is a productivity tool used for project management by companies and organizations to list the tasks they want to work on. The Call of Duty: Warzone Trello Board is managed by Raven Software, an Activision development studio that is responsible for creating and adding new content to the game in collaboration with other studios.

How to use Warzone Trello Baord

Warzone’s Trello board is available to the public without any need to create an account; anyone can see it but edit and make changes only the members (ie the developers) can do. You can find links to the latest patch notes and playlists for the game. More importantly, you can see what problems or bugs the developers have identified and are working to solve in their respective columns.

What is the Warzone Discord link?

Discord is a social platform that you can use to communicate with others through voice calls, video calls, text chat, and media sharing. Discord servers are community channels in which players from all over the world can share their thoughts on a common topic. Although Warzone does not have an official Discord, there is a server run by the Call of Duty community which has over 562,232 members.

How to use Warzone Discord

Call of Duty unofficial Discord server
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In this Call of Duty Discord server, you can find channels for Campaign, Multiplayer, Warzone and Zombies in the left column. Whatever topic you are interested in, visit that channel and you can interact with the people there. You can use this server to find players to play with in Looking For Group channels, for example, go to “lfg-ranked-wz” to team up with players who want to play Warzone Ranked Play. Then you can join a voice channel and communicate with them effortlessly on Discord while playing the game.

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