What is the ending in A Dusty Trip?

The core gameplay loop of A Dusty Trip is to fix your car, collect resources and survive. This loop may sound appealing at first, but it becomes tiresome after a while, making players wonder if there is an end to A Dusty Trip.

Does A Dusty Trip have an ending?

According to the whispers on the internet and the discussions on the Discord channel, A Dusty Trip does not offer a clear ending. Instead, you, the player, are forever trapped in the game's universe despite all your efforts to fight the NPC characters, collect resources and survive the various events.

Currently, the maximum distance that the players managed to travel is little beyond the 20,000M or 20 km a brand that also has a specific insignia attached to it with the same name. Anyone who crosses the prescribed mark is either hit by a wave of zombies, run over by a truck, or faces alien abduction. Because of this planned outcome, the general assumption is that the developers have yet to plan any particular ending and are still figuring out future updates and the direction they want to go.

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What is the Ultimate Engine in Dust Travel?

The rumor is that there will be a unique final mission/quest that revolves around solving the various mysterious events in the game and obtaining something called the Ultimate Engine. As the name suggests, this engine could be the key to powering your car out of the desert area into the real world. Remember, this is just a rumor from Discord discussions. So, take the news with a pinch of salt, and we have to wait for any announcements or leaks from the official developer to confirm the news.

Once something is available, we'll update the article with more leaks or rumors about the ending of A Dusty Trip.

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